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Rookie’s Bday Gift!

This past February, Los Angeles Rams rookie, Ronnie Rivers, decided to celebrate his and his mother’s birthday in Las Vegas. To his astonishment, he received a sumptuous birthday gift by hitting the mega progressive jackpot while playing 3-Card Poker at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. He triggered a $514,000 jackpot by holding a Royal Flush! 

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happy news

Time to focus on the good things happening around the world. Here is our selection of good news this month.

Lost in Wilderness

The Tsavo East National Park in Kenya is 66% larger than Yellowstone. This is the place where a 4-year-old was lost after going astray during a storm. The area is known to harbor hyenas, jackals, buffalos and rhinos. The community searched for the child for six full days until finally his uncle found him. The moment was captured from the air by a helicopter, just as the child’s uncle swung him in the air in pure joy!

Oldest Known Comedy Skit

Lost in the archives of the National Library of Scotland, a 500 year-old parchment has just been uncovered which may hold the very first stand-up comedy sketch. The document was written by a cleric named Richard Heege, who was to recite the text at a feast. The material is full of humor, reminiscent of modern-day Monty Python, where characters get involved in many absurd situations. Full of self-irony, it’s great to know people didn’t take themselves too seriously in the Middle Ages!

Ending cancer

Researchers around the world are working day and night to find definitive cures for cancer. A research team at Israel's Hadassah-University Medical Center has found a treatment that has a 90% success rate on a specific kind of blood cancer. The results are ground-breaking and could signal further advances in ending the fight against cancer!

The legend of Merlin

The figure of Merlin goes back 800 years, when he was first mentioned by a cleric from Wales in the 12th century. This legendary wizard was born from the composition of various folkloric figures. The name of Merlin, for instance, was originally Merlinus Ambrosius, which comes from the combined name of two earlier tales of Myrddin and Ambrosius.

Merlin is today best known for his role in the legend of King Arthur. His magical powers were equal to none, with legends telling of his ability to predict the future and shift shape. Early accounts of King Arthur claim that Merlin engineered the birth of Arthur through magical processes.

The lovable and wise Merlin that we’ve come to know through films like ‘The Sword in the Stone’ is often portrayed as an advisor to the young King Arthur. Through clever wizardry, Merlin clears the path so the prophecy of King Arthur can come to fruition.

Through the wise counseling of Merlin, King Arthur decided to establish the knightly fellowship of the Round Table, an enduring symbol of chivalry in the latter years of the European Middle Ages.

Now it’s time for you to join the fellowship of the Round Table, while you play our latest slot inspired by the adventures and tales of Merlin the wizard!

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