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Luck Horoscope

By gaming astrologer Allison Stars
As featured in Sloto Magazine Winter 2023 Edition



2024 will be a year of introspection for Aries players. With Mars transiting in Aries in the first quarter, you may find yourself more driven to play. This energy can translate into an aggressive betting strategy, but remember, wisdom lies in moderation. By year's end, Venus entering Aries will bring an unexpected turn in your fortune.

Recommended games: IC Wins, Alien Wins, Bonus Wheel Jungle, Coyote Cash, Paddy’s Luck Forest.



The position of Uranus in Taurus throughout the year may bring unexpected swings in your casino luck. Embrace change and remain adaptable. When Mercury enters Taurus around May, you might find yourself making better decisions in game selection. Trust your logic, not just intuition.

Recommended games: Super 6, Ancient Gods, Derby Dollars, Goldbeard, Mask of Atlantis.



With the North Node in Gemini, your net gains may result more from luck than by skill this year. Jupiter’s brief visit in your sign mid-year hints at potential windfalls. Stay positive but grounded in reality.

Recommended games: Icy Hot multi-game, Ancient Gods, Golden Lotus, Lucky Tiger, Triple Twister.



Solar eclipse in Cancer in the second quarter of the year signals a transformation in your gaming luck. It might start slow, but as Pluto opposes your sign, unexpected gains are foreseen. Beware of overconfidence; stay humble and play with caution.

Recommended games: Richie Valens La Bamba, Great Golden Lion, Panda’s Gold, Sweet 16, Wild Log Hau.



Saturn opposite Leo can be challenging, suggesting you play defensively during the first half. However, with the Sun shining bright in Leo mid-year, your attitude will be rejuvenated, leading you to pick better games with looser payouts and potentially big winning streaks.

Recommended games: Lucky 6, Asgard, Football Frenzy, Gem Strike, Mermaid Royale, Spooky Wins.



Neptune's opposition to Virgo this year may cloud your judgment, leading to small but avoidable missteps. Yet, Mercury’s multiple entries into your sign will grant clarity intermittently. Harness these periods to refine your strategy and go for the biggest jackpots.

Recommended games: Spirit of the Inca, Mister Money, Great Temple, Twister Wilds, Rain Dance.



Mars will motivate you early in the year, pushing you to take bolder risks that could pay off big. Balance this with the guidance of Venus, which will set caution against going overboard. A harmonious approach will be key, especially in the last quarter of the year.

Recommended games: Goblins Gluttony of Gems, Builder Beaver, Khrysos Gold, Samba Jackpots, Witchy Wins.



With Uranus in Scorpio trine, 2024 will be filled with surprising turns. While your instincts are sharp, hop often between games to find the best paying slots. Strike when you feel the time is right but always have an exit strategy. Leave a balance reserved for a rainy day.

Recommended games: The Big Bopper, Aladdin’s Wishes, Divas of Darkness, Mermaid Pearl’s, Snowmania.



Jupiter, your ruling planet, enters Cancer mid-year, redirecting your fortune. If the first half may feel sluggish, stay calm and patient. The second half of the year may seem like it will remain slow but then a major jackpot could change the panorama. Resist any urge to play back big winnings.

Recommended games: Swindle All the Way, VooDoo Magic, The Mariachi 5, Penguin Power, Lucha Libre 2.



With Pluto leaving your sign, the heavy energy of the past years’ lifts, offering a fresh start that will motivate you to start accruing significant payouts. Saturn's sextile will ground you, ensuring your decisions are well-thought-out in every game you approach.

Recommended games: Dragon Orb, Egyptian Gold, Caesar’s Empire, Miami Jackpots, Wu Zetian.



With Jupiter squaring your sign later in the year, expect highs and lows. The key is to stay focused and not be swayed by short-term results. Your ruling planet, Uranus, in Taurus, pushes you to innovate in your game choices, leading to pleasant surprises.

Recommended games: Storm Lords, Samba Jackpots, Mighty Drums, Achilles Deluxe, Bubble Bubble 3.



The ongoing Neptune transit in your sign heightens your ability to detect loose slot machines. Trust your gut feeling but also remember Neptune can bring illusions. The key is discernment and knowing when to stop, even after moderate payouts. Mars entering Pisces late in the year boosts your courage and potential earnings.

Recommended games: Aztec’s Treasure, Desert Raider, Ghost Ship, Halloween Treasures, Nova 7s.

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