Luck Horoscope

By gaming astrologer Allison Stars
As featured in Sloto Magazine Winter 2023 Edition



This will be a transformational year for Aries players. The moon in Aries shows that your impulses to select which slots to play will mature in the second quarter of the year. Under the influence of Saturn, your payouts will remain consistent and positive. Toward the end of the year, manage your budget wisely so it is not consumed by the first urge to play.

Recommended Games: Ancient Gods, Big Santa, Builder Beaver, Meerkat Misfits, Witchy Wins.



Your ambition for big payouts will be strong this year and signs show that you should go straight for your goals, full of drive and determination. The Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in the early months of the year will help ease resistance to objectives. After April, be more mindful as tight slot sessions may halt your earlier successful streaks.

Recommended Games: Zhanshi, Wild Fire  7’s, The Mariachi 5, Run Rabbit Run, Pig Winner



2023 is a year to learn from previous mistakes. Take a moment to reflect where things went wrong when playing slots and casino games. Take caution to learn the best playing styles and modes during the first quarter of the year. However, with Jupiter’s transit, you should see some consolidated returns this year.

Recommended Games: Penguin Power, Miami Jackpots, Vegas XL, Scuba Fishing, Panda’s Gold




This year you may encounter more than a few bumps along the way, however under Mars influence in the second quarter of the year, there are opportunities to accumulate jackpots in your account. The key is to live day by day, without too much thought about the past or the future. Make sure you are intensely focused on each spin you make this year.

Recommended Games: Lucky Tiger, I Zombie, Fantasy Mission Force, Achilles, Triple Twister.  



Under a strong Saturn influence you can become lazy and this can translate into sloppiness. Be sure to stay alert when placing your bets, so you don’t make any silly mistakes, like wagering 10x your intended spin value. During the third quarter, Jupiter is there to assist you to earn back any losses and will help you finish the year strong. 

Recommended Games: Wu Zetian, The Naughty List, Stardust, Princess Warrior, Green Light.



A light period of luck at the start of 2023 shouldn’t prompt you to put down your guard for the rest of the year. Ketu’s transit requires that you play with a strict budget and solid strategy. With this type of play, the second part of the year can bring unprecedented jackpots.

Recommended Games: Fruit Frenzy, Eternal Love, Asgard Deluxe, The Three Stooges Brideless Groom, Spirit of the Inca.  



This is a year of ups and downs, but this can be managed cleverly. When you are on a winning streak, be sure to keep savings on the side for when the games are tight. Returns can be higher this year compared to last, if you manage your budget carefully and play when the odds are in your favor. 

Recommended Games: Megasaur, IC Wins, Dragon Orb, Cai Hong, 777.



Make 2023 a year of radical change. This time around it’s about exploring new ways of playing and stepping into new habits. Early losses can be turned into winnings when you upend your playing style.  This year try new games, play with different betting modes and, most importantly, follow your gut feelings on which games are ready to pay out big.

Recommended Games: Bubble Bubble 2, Derby Dollars, Samba Sunset, Secret Symbol, Popiñata.     



Jupiter’s energy will help you get a very decent payout in the early weeks of 2023. Make sure you put your personal finances in order before you return to play for bigger chances. Venus participates in the first half of the year to help you achieve results you’ve never had before. 

Recommended Games: Shanghai Lights, Penguin Palooza, Lil Red, Gemtopia, Frog Fortunes



Finances are always a strong area for Capricorns, so keep your economy in order because the first 6 months of 2023 may bring streaks of tight slots and carelessness with money can be troublesome. Changes in planetary  positions in the third quarter provide better luck and a huge jackpot can be won during this period.

Recommended Games: Fu Chi, Voodoo Magic, Thai Emerald, Ocean Oddities, Khrysos Gold.



Good streaks at the end of 2022 should not be taken as guarantees that luck will continue on a high note in 2023.   The positive influence of Jupiter in the second half of the year gives a sign that winnings will be a regular occurrence if you know when to stop playing. A momentous surprise can happen at the end of 2023.

Recommended Games: Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe, Hyper Wins, Gem Strike, Eagle Shadow Fist, Wild Hog Luau.  



2023 will be a refreshing year. Your luck will not always be extraordinarily good, but you’ll get enough return to feel entertained and satisfied with many of your playing sessions. Mars movement can introduce the chance to hit a big one in the new year.

Recommended Games: The Big Bopper,  Spring Wilds, Secret Jungle, Neon Wheel 7’s,  Loch Ness Loot.

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hot games

As featured on Sloto Magazine

Another wonderful year of luck is coming to an end. Every period of 365 days is marked by a rollercoaster ride of unexpected payouts, lucky streaks, and the occasional visit to a ‘tight’ slot machine. The element of surprise is what keeps us coming back to these exhilarating games that will present us with random payouts at unpredictable times.

When a year comes to an end, we can look back with the advantage of hindsight to tell our players which games were the most generous, as well as those that were played the most. These facts can help you find the right slot to play, as some slots can remain at a high pay-out rate for weeks on end.

The biggest revelation comes from looking at the games that have the highest pay-out rate, also known as the return-to-player rate. Games that have close to or above 100% pay-out rates are those that have the lowest or negative house-edge and have given the highest payout rewards to our players.

   Best Payout Rate

  1. .    Ocean Oddities              101.90% Return-to-Player (RTP)
  2.      Lucha Libre                    100.40% RTP
  3.      Panda's Gold                 100.90% RTP
  4.      Three Kingdom Wars     99.90% RTP
  5.      Ninja Star                       98.20% RTP
  6.      Lucha Libre 2                 98.00% RTP
  7.      T-Rex II                          97.70% RTP
  8.      Frog Fortunes                97.50% RTP
  9.      Bubble Bubble 3            97.40% RTP
  10.      Eagle Shadow Fist         96.80% RTP

Next, let’s look at the games that received the most number of spins:

Most Spins

  1.      Plentiful Treasure      26,993,605 Spins
  2.      Fortunate Buddha     26,202,134 Spins
  3.      Cash Bandits             17,036,786 Spins
  4.      Copy Cat Fortune     15,370,124 Spins
  5.      Sweet 16                   13,907,311 Spins
  6.      Lil Red                       13,382,451 Spins
  7.      Cleopatras Gold        12,601,041 Spins
  8.      Sweet 16 Blast!         12,345,039 Spins
  9.      Cash Bandits 2          12,082,910 Spins
  10.      Witch's Brew             11,472,533 Spins

Finally, here are the top 10 games with the most wagers received in 2022, revealing our most popular game selection of 2022:

Highest wagers

  1. Plentiful Treasure
  2. Fortunate Buddha
  3. Halloween Treasures  
  4. Sweet 16  
  5. Cash Bandits 3    
  6. Copy Cat Fortune  
  7. 777   
  8. Sparky 7       
  9. Khrysos Gold     
  10. Storm Lords                


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sloto magazine

As featured in Sloto Magazine Winter 2022/2023

The holidays are near and it’s time to enjoy our popular Xmas trilogy based on Santa Claus’ most dependable sidekick: Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer.

Did we say dependable? Oh, that’s changed a bit in this storyline! Here, Rudolph is on a personal vendetta to ruin Santa’s Xmas!

Play our classic Rudolph vs Santa slots this season and earn double comps for your wagers!

Return of the Rudolph

This 50-line slot is a must-play this holiday season thanks to its three bonus features that include the Toy Factory feature where you can win 50 Free Games!

Rudolph's Awakens

Enjoy spinning the reels of this slot as you earn double comps and try to trigger the Rudolph Awakens feature for 10 Free Games with frozen Rudolph’s that “awaken” during the bonus spins for explosive winnings!

Rudolph's Revenge

Our classic holiday slot will be enjoyed the most when you try to hit its ever-increasing progressive jackpot – the best of all Xmas gifts!

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