jackpots for peace

Human beings have been dreaming of world peace since ancient times. "Common Peace" in Ancient Greece, represented a fundamental political and diplomatic concept. It referred to the pursuit of stability and order within the Greek city-states, promoting a collective peace that would put a stop to the frequent wars and power struggles among them.

While not engaged in war, the Ancient Greeks were prolific peoples that made great developments in philosophy, architecture, literature and sports. This creative society has inspired our "Legend of Helios", a slot that sets itself apart with an unconventional 4-3-4-3-4 reel grid!

Enter the age of legend and fame to trigger these bonus features:

Bonus Wheel: Spin the wheel as it unveils instant prizes or sets of Free Spins, with the opportunity to win up to an astonishing 400 times your initial bet as an instant prize!

Free Games Features: Select one of four types of Free Games, where added prizes are added such as double or tripled payouts and extra bursting Wilds!

Play with a 200% Match + 100 FREE SPINS on 🔝

Offer requires a $30+ deposit, and it holds 30x rollover + 5x on spins winnings

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