tales of halloween

Have you heard of Sallie House? 🏚️

This house, built in the mid-1800s, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl that passed away there while undergoing surgery for appendicitis. The house was investigated in the 1990s, where witnesses claimed to have experienced strange occurrences such as flickering lights, unexplained voices, and scratches, burns, and marks on their bodies. Scary, isn’t it?! 👻

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jackpots for peace

An empire of peace!

Did you know that the Incas ruled much of South America through a peaceful form of conquest? They reigned over 2,500 miles from Ecuador to southern Chile. When expanding their empire, they didn’t force new communities to submit to the new rule, but rather used diplomacy to convince them to willfully join their empire!

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happy news

Wake up to a world of positive developments and news of hope. Our latest selection of good news is here!

Greenest Football Club!

England has a strong tradition with football (known as soccer in the US), with over 90 professional football clubs in the country. But there is only one fully “green” club and that is Forest Green Rovers, a club based in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, which has been become the world’s carbon-neutral club. The efforts to be a green club go a long way as they serve only organic vegan food, have a pesticide-free pitch, use solar panels and travel in zero-emission vehicles for their away matches!

Party and save the planet!

The beer giant Carlsberg has just developed a new wood/plant-based bottle for its famous beer. The container is fully recyclable and is said to protect the beer’s taste and fizziness just as well as a glass bottle. The material is a great insulator, so it keeps your beer cooler for longer! 

A super seed!!

A non-profit organization in Guatemala has developed a hybrid maize seed, through conventional selective breeding (not genetic modification), that boosts of having more nutritional value than the standard corn seed used in the country. With 90% of the population living in poverty, many are forced to eat the same food every day: corn. The new maize seed has a higher density of minerals and vitamins, that will help lower the negative effects of malnutrition. !

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