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Good news for 2023!

Every year brings novelty and unexpected breakthroughs that make our lives better. Here are inspiring trends that make the world a better place in the New Year!

Bike bus

It started with 5 families but now hundreds of children are biking with their parents to school. In an initiative to cut down on fossil fuels and pollution, now a convoy of children bike together as a long ‘bike bus’ to their school in Barcelona. This wonderful initiative can be copied in many cities and would contribute to better health and cleaner air! 

Salt battery

A breakthrough discovery has shown that we can build ultra cheap batteries from molten seawater salt. This could become a great source of renewable energy, while we reduce our reliance on lithium to build batteries. The new ‘salt batteries’ could have up to 4x as much capacity as traditional lithium batteries!

Save the forest

The new Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio, has pledged to end deforestation in the Amazon forest. It is said that the Amazon accounts for the production of up to 20% of the atmosphere’s oxygen. This new initiative by the new Brazilian government could make a huge positive impact for future generations!

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