Good News from Mr. Sloto

Every day there are amazing things happening around the world. Mr. Sloto wants to share good news that will inspire us to look forward toward a bright future.

How we saved the Earth before

Most countries are on board when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in order to avert the threat of climate change.  A study this week stated that global temperatures could have already been 1 degree Celsius higher. Fortunately, we avoided this in 1987 by putting a ban on CFC chemicals that were depleting the ozone layer and which were used universally in fridges, hairspray and Styrofoam. The CFC ban shows that we can achieve great things when the world works together. 


A game changing movement has been launched this week that hopes to raise awareness and end discrimination for people with disabilities. It is estimated that as many as 15% of the world’s population carries a form of disability. The group has broad support from many organizations, including the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and Unesco.

Green steel

The steel production industry heavily relies on carbon fuels and accounts for up to 8% of global emissions. This week, a Swedish firm delivered its first ever ‘green’ steel. The company makes steel without burning fossil fuels and became a pioneer for a green steel technology. The steel they produced was delivered to Volvo, which will use the material in prototype vehicles. 

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True Jackpot Stories

The True Story of Golden Arm

Back in 1989, an incredible record was set by Stanley Fujitake. He and his wife went to Las Vegas in May that year, for one of their many regular visits to Sin City. Fujitake became an avid craps player after he was introduced to the game by his wife, in the early days when they were dating. 

Around midnight he joined a craps table and placed a $5 bet on the Pass Line. He kept rolling the dice for the next 3 ½ hours without ‘sevening out’! A big crowd started to gather around the table and as many as 40 people were betting there to get in Fujitake’s hot streak.

The casino lost over $1 million that night, with Fujitake taking over $30,000 for himself. 

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The Spark of Luck

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