May is the last full month of the Spring season, and before we know it, Summer will be upon us. Soak up the last bits of springtime with tons of lucky sunshine, rewarding bonuses, a $100 plus 99 Free Spins on the amusing Samba Sunset slot!

Spring may be slowly fading away, just like the beautiful sundown setting in Samba Sunset. Spin the reels of this relaxing slot where you’ll be roaming Rio’s boardwalk as the palm trees sway in the distance and a heap of colorful carnival dancers help you collect massive wins!

May brings all sorts of celebrations your way… and also bonuses, a $100 Free Gift and 99 Free Spins!

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Sunshine Slots

The pandemic brought a number of changes to our lifestyles, and with social distancing came longer periods at home than we ever imagined. One of the effects of this shift was the jump on our daily screen time as many now work, socialize, exercise and entertain themselves with computers and smartphones. Increased amounts of time take its toll on people’s mental and physical health, so knowing how to handle it will be beneficial to you and your family:

  • No screens 30 minutes before bed: The light from your TV, smartphone or other screens disrupt your natural sleep cycle by restraining the production of melatonin and increasing your alertness at night. Instead, try grabbing a book and reading before bed.

  • Put alerts on hold: Try silencing your phone as the night approaches to prevent seeing notifications that lure you into senseless screen time,

  • Take a break: If you work at home, try taking a 5-minute break per hour. It will help you get some time off from screen and clear your mind to prevent getting drained during working hours, so you’ll end up being more productive.

  • One screen-free meal per day: Screen-free meals provide an opportunity for social interactions in your household, and promote better digestion as you focus on your food instead of your phone.

  • Don’t eat in your workspace: Eating while you work can actually cause you to do it in bigger proportions, while not focusing 100% on either task so you won’t enjoy it as much.

Try to keep your screen time under control in hopes of improving your mental health and overall lifestyle!

Have you ever wondered what happens with all the debris from space missions and old satellites that no longer work? Well, they stay in orbit in the form of a cloud of more than 9,000 tons of space junk that poses serious risks to the International Space Station and our modern way of life. For example, weather forecasting, GPS and telecommunications could be affected if these debris hit the structures that sustain these services down on Earth.

With more and more man-made objects being launched each year, especially now with SpaceX’s Starlink satellites, a company called Astroscale is working on getting a solution to clean up space debris. By launching a small spacecraft with a satellite attached, the space junk will be snatched and brought down to Earth’s atmosphere where it will burn up. Moreover, Astroscale is hoping that new satellites will incorporate a docking plate that will make them easier to remove from orbit at the end of their life span.

By cleaning up unnecessary junk from orbit, experts hope they can avoid catastrophic collisions and protect the space ecosystem for generations to come. There are at least 26,000 pieces of space junk orbiting Earth that are of the size of a baseball or larger that could destroy everything on its path - just watch the movie Gravity to see how this could end up.

Luckily, with the help of these initiatives we can hope for a decrease in these smaller rubbishes.

Are you ready for the future?

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