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A space crew of six astronauts from all over the world live and work at the International Space Station (ISS) while traveling at a speed of five miles per second. The Station is larger than a six-bedroom house, and has six separate sleeping quarters, two bathrooms, a gym and a 360-degree view bay window. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting facts about the ISS:

-    The ISS has been continuously occupied since November 2000, and the longest time someone has lived in it was Peggy Whitson with 665 days.

-    In order to mitigate the loss of muscle and bone mass in the body due to long exposure to microgravity, all astronauts aboard the ISS must work out at least two hours a day.

-    The Station is 356 feet (109 meters) end-to-end, which is just one yard shy of a full length American football field including the end zone, and eight spaceships can be connected to the ISS at once.

-    A spacecraft can arrive at the Space Station as soon as four hours after launching from Earth.

-    The ISS has two water recovery systems that process vapor from the atmosphere that could be used for drinking in an emergency but is normally fed to a different system to produce oxygen. Moreover, the other one processes water vapor collected from the atmosphere and urine into drinking water.

-    There are more than 50 computers inside the ISS that control the systems on the Station, and more than 3 million lines of software code on the ground support more than 1.5 million lines of flight software code.

Wouldn't it be awesome to experience living in space if only for a week? 

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Super Mario Bros

One of the biggest announcements for the video game community this year has been the new Mario movie, coming to the big screen in 2022. Illumination studios, the creators of ‘Despicable Me’ and ‘Minions’, are joining Nintendo in this venture to give new life to Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Peach in ‘Super Mario Bros.’ It’s been a while since the popular duo appeared in a movie in 1993, which was welcome with lots of negative reviews.

This time, however, Nintendo is ready to make this production a success by lining up a cast of stars to provide their voices for the characters. The film will feature Chris Pratt as Mario, Jack Black as Bowser, Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong and Anya Taylor-Joy as Peach - who is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most promising actresses. Charles Martinet, the video game voice of Mario, will also have an unspecified cameo role.

Along with the announcement of the film, there was an explosion of positive social media reactions - mostly due to Pratt’s casting as the movie’s main character. ‘Super Mario Bros.’ will be directed by the ‘Teen Titans Go! To the Movies’ team of Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic with a screenplay by Matthew Fogel.

Time will only tell if the movie will follow the same unsuccessful fate of many other video game-themed movies or if it will be the exception to the rule with a high quality plot and iconic voice acting performances.


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the life and adventures of mr sloto

The Heights of a New Dawn 

The evening came with majestic colors, everyone in awe looking up at the imposing peak of Everest. One representative of each group spoke about how they foresee the future of humanity. It was soon Mr. Sloto’s turn to speak to the survivors of the cataclysm, when suddenly, in the distance, several red and orange lights were seen. Everyone fell silent. The lights made random and quick patterns in the sky.

“What are they?!” – spoke a leader from South America.
“Is that….” – voiced a leader from Siberia.

The lights got closer and closer. Mr. Sloto stared amazed at the patterns they made. Soon enough, they were so near you could see a kind of translucent metal that gave out all kinds of light.

“Stop Mr. Sloto” – yelled Mrs. Sloto as Mr. Sloto hypnotically started to walk to the nearest peak.

Mr. Sloto continued his way and the flying objects got closer to him. Suddenly, they were only a few dozen feet from his head. Mr. Sloto raised his arms and, in that instant, a bright white light was shot out of the bottom of the flying object. The entire Himalayan Island was engulfed in white light.

Moments later Mr. Sloto woke up on a bed, hearing beeping sounds around him. The light was very strong and there were beings moving around him. He then began to hear voices: “He will survive, it’s was just a blown circuit near his main frame.”

Mr. Sloto was able to focus his eyes better after they became accustomed to the light. What he saw shocked him to the core of his reels.

He was in a hospital bed, surrounded by doctors and scientists. Mrs. Sloto was right beside him.

“Where am I?” – asked Mr. Sloto.

The main doctor came next to him and spoke: “We are glad to see you recover consciousness. Since your house burnt down after Christmas, your system went into complete shock. We had to hospitalize you for several weeks now. You could only mumble words here and there, but it seems you were running various simulations in your head, possible scenarios of doom: flooding, volcano gods, invasion of the Earth by extraterrestrials.”

Mr. Sloto could not believe his ears. He had been dreaming all those crazy scenes.

“You need to remain at rest, until we are sure your system is back to normal” – said the doctor. “When you get out, you will need to stay isolated as much as possible, because of the virus…”

Mr. Sloto, perplexed, said out loud: “VIRUS?!”

This is an interactive series. Players get to vote on that next chapter of the story!


1st option) Mr. Sloto gets better and moves into this new home with Mrs. Sloto. The world has radically changed after a worldwide virus pandemic.

2nd option) Mr. Sloto gets better and moves into this new home with Mrs. Sloto. The world has radically changed after a computer MegaVirus is collapsing the infrastructure of the Internet.

3rd option) Mr. Sloto gets better and moves into this new home with Mrs. Sloto. The world has radically changed after a strange virus is killing all the animals on the Earth.

Send your vote to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and be part of the evolution of this story!

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