Double Bubble

Keep the Halloween spirit going at Sloto’Cash with an exclusive offer that gives you the opportunity of playing for free with just one deposit at the casino. By redeeming code ‘DOUBLEBUBBLE’, players get up to 100 spins for free on the eerie slot game ‘Bubble Bubble 2’

Complete your deposit between$25 and $300 twice per day and play up to 100 free spins on this witch-themed slot full of bonus round and special features for avid players.

These are our favorite features of Bubble Bubble 2:

Wilder Witches Feature: Play 9 Free Games! If any witch appears she will cast a spell on a neighbour reel to turn into the same wild Witch. If both witches appear, the middle reel turns Wild or you receive 33 extra FREE GAMES – or both! The feature can be re-triggered.

Greater Ghosts Feature: Play 20 Free Games! At the conclusion of each spin Wild Ghost symbols invade the reels. Up to 9 Ghosts will fly onto the reels to generate incredible payouts!

Ultra Bewitched Feature: Play 7 Free Games! During the Free Games at least 1 expanded wild will be guaranteed! Feature can be re-triggered.

Deposit Get
$25 15 Spins on Top!
$50 25 Spins on Top!
$100 50 Spins on Top!
$200 75 Spins on Top!
$300 100 Spins on Top!

Free Spins Game: Bubble Bubble 2

Promo holds 10x roll over on spins winnings ONLY!

the life and adventures of mr sloto

The Heights of a New Dawn 

For weeks, the islanders sailed under the guidance of Mr. Sloto, who rationed their food and water, played games with the young and danced in the evening while they played traditional music. They kept their spirits high even though they had no idea if they would reach dry land any time soon.

Mr. Sloto studied the stars at night and tried to sail northward from their original departure point, while Mrs. Sloto would make a nice oil tea from the oily branches they brought from the island to keep both of them functioning optimally.

Then, one morning the sun did not come up. Mr. Sloto was awake and knew exactly the time the sun should have come up, but it didn’t. He waited and waited until a huge shadow emerged in the sky. Gradually daylight illuminated the sky and a huge landmass of rock and mountain came into view. The sun rose an hour later from behind the huge mountain.

“Everest!” – exclaimed Mr. Sloto, “This is what I was aiming for, the highest peak on planet Earth!” The entire Himalayan range was still above sea water but the levels had risen considerably leaving only the highest levels of the mountains exposed. As they got closer to the mountains they could see campfires everywhere, as well as thousands of boats and arcs anchored by the shore.

People from all over the world welcomed the newcomers. “Welcome to the Himalayan island” said a group of people waiting by the shore. As Mr. and Mrs. Sloto got off their arc, they were helped by the dozens of new Himalayan inhabitants. The islanders were assisted off the boat one by one and received appropriate clothing as the temperature was much cooler here than on their former island.

“Tonight, there will be a congregation”, explained a young man to Mr. Sloto, he continued: “All the survivors of the earth will create a new civilization, a new chapter of hope for mankind. A new government will be established and we are looking for fair, honest and hard-working individuals that will steer forward the human enterprise.”

The islanders and the Sloto’s were given a big tent furnished with warm beds, water and some fruit. Most took a long rest before the important meeting that evening… 

This is an interactive series. Players get to vote on that next chapter of the story!


1st option: Mr. Sloto decides to run for the new world’s head government, promising to be relentless in the pursuit of a fair new world order – even though he is not human himself.

2nd option: Mr. Sloto wakes in his bed, perplexed at the long series of dreams he’s had. Mrs. Sloto is not next to him in bed and he starts to wonder if she was only part of a dream too!

3rd option: During the congregation, people of the Earth start to witness some flashy lights in the sky. Suddenly, a spaceship descends and a being of light appears with an unbelievable message to share.

Send your vote to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and be part of the evolution of this story!


The Evolution of Traditional Slots
As featured on Sloto Magazine Fall 2021

When you think of a 3-reel slot, you’ll probably think of a simple machine with one to five pay-lines; with Bars, 7’s and Cherries symbols and the triple 7’s at the top of the pay chart. While this was always the case some years ago, now 3-reel slot machines have evolved to include many advanced features that will keep you at the edge of your seat!

Three of our most recent slot machine releases are 3-reel slots with revolutionary features. 


This 3-reel slot has a single pay-line crossing the 3 reels, so following winning combinations are as easy as it gets. Below the reels you find a new feature which is the ‘Hold’ option for each reel. If a symbol falls on the pay-line during a spin, once the spin is completed, you are able to hold that symbol on the pay-line for subsequent spins. You will receive a new value for your bet and if agreed upon, you can spin with one or two held reels until you achieve your desired winning combination. An additional feature is the progressive jackpot that can be activated when you play in the highest denomination of the slot. Add to all this Wild symbols and you have a completely engaging 3-reel slot that transcends the traditional way of playing these machines. 

Wild Fire 7’s

This 3-reel slot has 5 pay-lines across the 3 reels, allowing more winning combinations to occur. The novel features here are the mini-fourth reel on the side of the slot that has a triple function: it may award a random multiplier to a win on the main reels, grant 7 free games with a fixed 5x multiplier or trigger the progressive jackpot. Another example of how 3-reel slots have progressed over the last few years, to include many innovative features!

Sparky 7's

Our latest release is a traditional 3-reel slot with 5 pay-lines on the reels with a lot of interesting twists. Its design is spectacular, with beautiful visuals of the inner machinery of a magical slot machine.

Earn double comp points on these games until November and enjoy some exclusive offers throughout the month. All infos are available here

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