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Chapter 3: The Time Traveler

As featured on Sloto Magazine
Co-written by Sloto Cash player Mona Gard

Victor Fluke could hardly get any sleep that night. A wild stream of images was running through his head. How can it be that leprechauns really exist? Or that my invention Mr. Sloto is now a fully living machine?

Victor stood up at around 6am to make himself a cup of coffee. Mr. Sloto was peacefully asleep on the couch. Victor was about to pour himself a cup when he suddenly remember what Mr. Sloto had said before he went to bed. He dropped the cup of coffee watching it break into a hundred pieces. Mr. Sloto woke up in a flash. Victor, in a near gasp said: You've fallen in love?

Mr. Sloto had a smirk on his face. Yes, he said, I've fallen in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. Sit down while I tell you the story.

Victor was sweating cold. Just when he thought he couldn't get any more surprises, the biggest one was yet to come.

Mr. Sloto explained: Lucky the Leprechaun is full of tricks. He made me enter a capsule he claimed to be a time machine. I got in and he asked me where I wanted to go. I said I wanted to go and visit a great ancient empire. He snapped his finger and off we went into a kind of wormhole.

When we exited the machine, sand was the only thing I could see. But then I turned my head and saw the great Sphinx of Giza. Lucky said we should go meet the pharaoh, a good old friend of his.

We reached a beautiful palace and Lucky was allowed to enter like he was some distinguished guest. We entered the courtyard and in the middle was this radiant woman. Her name is… Cleopatra.

Victor jaw nearly hit the floor. Mr. Sloto continued: We spent 3 months together and I got to know all the details of her empire. Inevitably, we became quite close but our affair had to end prematurely since the empire was under attack by the Roman Empire.

Mr. Sloto opened his hand and showed Victor a gold coin with a bust of Cleopatra engraved in it. Here, you can have it, he said - it will bring you luck!

Victor was frozen as a statue and just then Mr. Sloto said: I want you to travel back in time with me, so you can get first-hand experience of all ages in human history. Then I want us to use that knowledge in order to design the best slot machines every seen on this planet…


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wlife and adventures

Chapter 2: The miracle of luck

As featured on Sloto Magazine
Co-written by Sloto'Cash player Ricky Kye.

Mr. Sloto had become an international sensation. Victor Fluke, his creator, could no longer cope with the attention. Everybody wanted to spins the reels of Mr. Sloto to discover their 'level of luck'. There were not enough hours every day to satisfy all visitors. They needed to set up special security and surveillance outside of Victor's house as there were already some attempts to steal Mr. Sloto.

One evening, Victor woke up in the middle night and turned on the light. Mr. Sloto was gone! He called the police and was nowhere to be found. Victor became worried that Mr. Sloto would be used for evil purposes.

Three months passed without any clues, until one morning Victor's doorbell rang. He asked over the intercom who it was. A high-pitched voice said: It's me… Mr. Sloto!

Victor could not believe his ears. He looked out his windows and in fact it was Mr. Sloto, alive and in prime condition. He opened the door to Mr. Sloto that came slowly through the door. He spoke clearly, intelligently: Nice to see you again Victor, it's been a while.

They sat for hours as Mr. Sloto explained what had happened. The night he went missing, a green leprechaun stole into the house and took Mr. Sloto away through the chimney. Lucky the Leprechaun, as he was called, introduced his finest four-leaf clover into Mr. Sloto's mouth. Then all of the sudden, Mr. Sloto's jackpot alarm begins to sound and an abundant jackpot falls to

Lucky's feet. Lucky then notices another surprise, Mr. Sloto pops out arms and hands while beginning to make intelligible sounds: he was beginning to speak!

Victor was dumbstruck. He didn't know if he was dreaming or hallucinating. But here it was, his own creation - Mr. Sloto - telling him a story as fantastic as unbelievable. But this was only half the story.

Before both were going to bed, Mr. Sloto came close to Victor to whisper a secret into his hear. Mr. Sloto speaks slowly but clearly, he says: I've fallen in love….

wlife and adventures

Chapter 1 - The luckiest man on earth

As featured on Sloto Magazine

Edmund Fluke was born only child of middle-class parents, in a small suburb outside medium-sized city. Nothing of his circumstances would suggest that he was anything but an ordinary child. But early in his life people became aware that he was gifted with extraordinary luck.

Edmund always seemed to be at the right place at the right time. At the early age of 6 he was playing with the family dog in the backyard. He was digging up holes just like old Ruffy. Right under their cherry tree Edmund struck something hard just one foot deep underground. It was a rusty metal can. He managed to open it to discover it was full of $5 bills!

Or take the case when he was 11, walking home from school and noticing that an old lady dropped something prior to getting on a bus. He tried to call after her but the bus rode off. He came close to the object and it was a bag full of candy and small birthday gifts. The next day in school he became instantly popular sharing all the sweets and gifts with his classmates!

By the time he was going off to college Edmund had amassed a modest fortune thanks to his incredible luck. He took courses in many fields such as engineering and computer science. He had had as a child a dream of understanding the nature of luck. He wanted to understand how it was possible that a single individual could be so lucky. So, he decided to create a device that would produce a completely random result that no computer or genius could predict, but only a single person (himself) could guess. He wanted to defy all the odds against the ultimate random number generator. It was hard work and after months of investigations, he decided he needed to take a break. So, off he went to Las Vegas to relax and regain his strength he claimed, but his real motive was ‘field research'.

His luck was contagious. Standing next to people playing slots would increase their luck. He would stand next to the bellboy at the hotel and guests would suddenly start to tip him huge amounts. He stood next to a street musician and then coins started to flood his empty hat.

On a particular day during his Las Vegas visit, Edmund could feel his luck like a coat of electricity over his boy. So he went for the ultimate test: the Megabucks slot machine, a state-level progressive slot for the state of Nevada. He went for 10 spins with no results, but on his 11th bet something strange happened. The reels were spinning for 30 seconds without stopping, until one after another, the three Megabucks icons aligned themselves on the pay-line. And just like that Edmund Fluke was 11 million dollars richer!

He continued his studies but dedicated much of his free time to charity and humanitarian work. He donated regularly to various organization helping orphans, victims of earthquakes, hurricanes or droughts, and helped all types of needful people that he considered were struck down by unfavorable luck. He wanted to set a balance in the world and give back some of the blessing of good luck he had received to the world that needed it much more than him.

Only 3 years after winning the MegaBucks jackpot, Edmund had already a prototype of the machine that would generate completely random results. He would sit in front of the machine and try to foresee what combination of random numbers the machine will give out. To his amazement, he was beating the statistics and could guess the numbers at a rate no computer or other human could.

It was one evening on July 7th, 2007 (7.7.07) that he came up with a brilliant idea. He was going to built in his random number generator into the fairest slot machine in the world, a machine that could compute or sense the need of the player playing the machine. Then the machine will give payouts proportional to the need of the player. The machine's payouts would be funded by Edmund's large money reserves. He wanted to travel far and wide with this machine to help as many people as possible. So he needed a machine that would be mobile and easy to move from one place to another.

Edmund thought about how the slot machine would look like. He had always been a fan of astronauts and outer space exploration. So he decided to give it the shape of a space capsule, similar to those astronauts use return to the earth. He improved his random number generator so it could also measure data from its environment and calculate the ‘level of luck' in the air. He also wanted the machine to be human-like so that it could interact with people, bring them joy and laughter while sharing its wealth with others.

After weeks of hard work, he finished the machine. It was a 3-reel slot machine that stood erect on two legs with wheels at the bottom, a big handle on the upper left side and a big smiley mouth that served also as a jackpot coin dispenser. Edmund was ecstatic when he tested it on campus and it was giving bigger jackpots to those that needed them the most. He had programmed with some basic language skills and they were amusing at first, but later became repetitive. Also, the battery would wind down pretty quickly and would require several hours to recharge.

So, Edmund Fluke - the luckiest man on earth - was faced with a challenge. He wanted to take his slot machine on a world tour but needed to overcome the language and battery problems. He wondered: how could I make this slot machine come to life?

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