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El Santo, Blue Demon and Mil Máscaras – the original “Big Three” of the Mexican Lucha Libre! Who’s your favorite? What’s your preferred winning move? This generation of Lucha Libre wrestlers invites you to a bonus May-Hem of up to 225% plus 50 Free Spins!

Few have accomplished what these wrestlers have managed to. Quick-paced and high-flying moves emanate from these characters and when you make a small $25 deposit to come up with winning and lethal combinations in the fun Lucha Libre 2 slot!

Even to non-wrestling fans, chances are you’ll quickly become a follower of these masked-men when you tag team with them and Mr. Sloto to play with a 225% Match and 50 Free Lucha Libre 2 Spins!

Deposit Get Extra Info
$25-$49 75% Match +15 Spins
$50-$99 100% Match +20 Spins
$100-$149 125% Match +25 Spins
$150-$199 150% Match +30 Spins
$200-$249 175% Match +35 Spins
$300+ 225% Match +50 Spins

Spins Game: Lucha Libre 2

Bonus Terms:

Offer available 2x per day throughout May. It holds 30x slots, keno or scratch cards playthrough and NO MAX CASHOUT!

Sloto'Cash Lucha Libre 2 Free Spins Bonus

Sloto'Cash Spring Lucky Horoscope

Lucky Spring Horoscope (As featured on Sloto Magazine)

By Sloto Magazine correspondent Allison Stars

I’ve been doing Astrology for over 15 years, after studying with many great teachers of this ancient science. Living in Las Vegas for many years, I started to notice a need to read horoscope for casino players. I would read people’s horoscope before they visited their favorite casino. It has been fascinating to see how many of my predictions have come true or have influenced the fortune of casino players. I’m happy to publish my Spring Horoscope for casino players in this unique Sloto Magazine.


Your dominant planet is Uranus, meaning sky or heaven in ancient Greek. This season will be like the weather, constantly changing with periods of great abundance and dry spells. Keep coming back to the games that have paid the most. Recommended games: Vulcan, Super 6, Sea Captain, Count Spectacular, Bigshot.


Your sign is governed by Neptune, Roman god of water. This season you’ll sail calmly through waves of good luck. However, the tides will turn shortly before summer. Be sensitive to the change in luck and stop when you’re on top. Recommended games: Crystal Waters, Ocean Dreams, Popiñata, Triton’s Treasure, Ronin.


Mars is your dominant planet, symbol of action. God of war and fertility in ancient mythology. Time to play aggressively for your desired outcome but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spread your bets throughout a half dozen games each week. Recommended games: Caesar’s Empire, Warlock’s Spell, Polar Explorer, Texas Tycoon, Victory.


Venus is your dominant planet, goddess of beauty. You are will experience pleasant times at the casino. Not feeling an urgency to win extreme amounts, a modest jackpot can make your day. Recommended games: Secret Symbol, Rain Dance, Mayan Queen, Gemtopia, Year of Fortune.


Mercury is your dominant planet, god of travel and commerce. You will experience a lot of ups and downs this spring. Be sure to savor the good moments and let go of the sour phases. It will all even out in the end. Recommended games: Glitz & Glamour, Hairway to Heaven, Crazy Vegas, Boy King’s Treasure, Mice Dice.


Your sign is dominated by the moon, often associated with femininity and connection. You will be tested to follow your intuition in key moments. Be sensitive when the moment is ripe and you’ll walk away with a great fortune. Recommended games: Golden Lotus, Mystic Dragon, Ghost Ship, Honey to the bee, Cleopatra’s Gold.


Your dominant celestial body is the sun, the source of life-giving energy to our planet. You’ll have to push through difficult waves of bad luck but your determination light the way. Play calmly and consistently rather than impulsively. Recommended games: Dragon Orb, Samba Sunset, Tally Ho, Elf Wars, Bank on it.


Your sign is governed by Mercury, known also as the Greek god Hermes, renowned for being honest and upstanding in business. Your luck will depend on being true to your style of play. This is not the time of year to try new betting strategies or alter playing schedule. Recommended games: Gold Beard, Kung Fu Rooster, Mermaid Queen, Penguin Power, Ronin.


Your dominant planet is Venus, goddess of fertility. You’ll be surprised by how easy jackpots sprout this springtime. But be careful, as they can go away as quickly as they came. Keep a cool head. Recommended games: Small Fortune, Vikings Voyage, Mister Money, Haunted Opera, Golden Glove.


Your sign is governed by Pluto, the mysterious underworld god of Greek mythology. You’ll be attracted to play games you rarely play. Be adventurous and try something new. There are treasures to be found within the unknown. Recommended games: Eternal Love, Bubble Bubble 2, Novas 7s, Tiger Treasures, Voodoo Magic.


Jupiter governs your sign, god of the sky and thunder. Your impulsiveness will lead you to bright moments of luck. However, some days will be dark and slow with little return. Keep patient, as jackpots will strike at the least expected moment. Recommended games: Lucky Lightnin’, The Big Bopper, Red Sands, Lucky Last, Dragon Orb.


Your sign is influenced by Saturn, god of agriculture. Persistence and patience are required this spring before jackpots come to fruit. You’ll harvest a couple of wins this season. Save some funds aside for the summer. Recommended games: Builder Beaver, Enchanted Garden 2, Hillbillies Cashola, Incan Goddess, Pay Dirt.

Sloto Magazine Lucky Horoscope

The Life and Adventures of Mr. Sloto

Inspired by suggestion of Sloto’Cash player Priscilla Robles

The time machine comes to a still. There is music outside and warm colorful lights. Victor Fluke sees a big crowd outside the machine’s window. “They all look very happy, I think we are safe” he says. Mr. Sloto and Victor sense a warm environment with mariachi songs in the background. As Mr. Sloto is about to step out, Victor calls out “Careful, there is a rooster at your feet… erm, wheels”. Mr. Sloto carefully avoids stepping on the rooster and both time travelers enter the warm scene.

There are corncob, tortillas, large cowboy hats and loud cheers all around. “We’re in Mexico” says Victor. They are pleased to see such a welcoming environment after all their recent adventures. They decide to get a bite when suddenly they hear a loud voice coming out from the overhead speakers. “Atención! Macho Camacho vs Taco Malo en 5 minutos”.

Mr. Sloto sees a wrestling ring in the middle of the large hall. “It’s an underground wrestling match, yoohoo!” yells Mr. Sloto out of sheer excitement.

As they approach the ring a drunk cowboy accidentally pushes Mr. Sloto and he goes zooming by the crowd and into the ring. The referee looks confused. “What is your nombre?”Mr. Sloto, fully into his new role, answers: “Sloto Roboto”.

The referee announces that it will be a new match between Sloto Roboto and Taco Malo. The crowd is perplexed and they exchange lots of bets. The clear favorite is Taco Malo.

The bell is struck and the wrestling match begins. Taco Malo comes straight at Mr. Sloto. Victor yells that he should just run. Mr. Sloto on his wheeled feet just goes round and round the ring with Taco Malo running behind him. After 5 minutes Taco Malo is completely exhausted. “This is your chance, knock him down” screams Victor.

Mr. Sloto spits out a gold coin and hits Taco Malo straight in the head. He goes down instantly! Referee calls out the winner: “El ganador es Sloto Roboto”.

The crowd is angry as most lost their bets and they start to argue that Mr. Sloto has cheated. Suddenly the whole halls turns against Mr. Sloto and he starts running away – again – for his life!

“Quickly to the time machine”, says Victor. They both run back to the machine and quickly plug in new numbers. This time they put 2018 correctly. “Time to go back into the present”, says Victor.

Mr. Sloto sighs with relief and thinks out loud: Can’t wait to see my love again.


This is an interactive story so you can contribute with any idea or suggestion for the next chapter. Send us your suggestion to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We thank Priscilla Robles for submitting her idea. She has been rewarded with 200 FREE SPINS.

If we use your suggestion for next chapter, we will showcase your name as co-creator and award you too with 200 FREE SPINS!

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