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Mermaids are known for being beautiful singers and dolphins for their superior intelligence. What happens when you combine these characteristics and use them to your advantage? You become a Slotoā€™Cash instant winner with two huge bonuses and 200 Free Spins!

First, youā€™ll want to follow Slotoā€™s Mermaids singing with a 100% 1st Match Bonus + 50 Free Spins on top! Then, you must continue your journey meeting our Mermaid Queen and a 150% 2nd Match + 100 Spins on top! And finally, you want to meet our world-famous dolphins claiming 200 Free Spins on Crystal Waters

Itā€™s time for you to swim, sing and win with mermaids and dolphins when you make a small $25 until July 15th!

Follow Sloto's Mermaids singing with a
100% 1st Match Bonus + 50 Free Spins on top!
Redeem Code: MERMAIDS-1
Spins game: Mermaid's PearlsĀ 

Continue your journey meeting our Mermaid Queen
150% 2nd Match + 100 Spins on top!
Redeem Code: MERMAIDS-2
Spins game: Mermaid QueenĀ 

And finally meet our world-famous dolphins
Claiming 200 Free Spins on Crystal Waters
Redeem Code: 200FREEDOLPHINS



Deposit bonuses require a $25 minimum deposit and they hold 30x slots or keno roll over and no max cashout.Ā  Free coupon winnings hold $500 max cashout. Promo codes must be redeemed in order. Offers expire on July 15th

Introducing a brand-new AWP (All-Ways-Pays) 5-reel slot. No pay-lines on this slot. Simply land identical symbols from left to right on the reels to get payouts. There are literally 3125 ways to win a jackpot in this slot!

Mermaidā€™s Pearls has a real-life mermaid as its protagonist. Watch her applaud and smile for you as you achieve big wins!

This underwater gem of a slot is here to entertain you for long hours, as you seek for the coveted bonus features explained below. As a Medium Variance slot, you can expect regular payouts as you play.

Donā€™t miss these special bonus features found in Mermaidā€™s Pearls:

Pearl Meter: At the top right of this slot you will find the Pearl Meter. The meter will keep track of each pearl symbol appearing in the reels. Payouts are awarded when 15 to 25 pearls appear in a single spin. Accrue 300 Pearls to trigger the Shipwreck Feature, and 600 Pearls to trigger the Treasure Pearl Feature.Ā 

Shipwreck Feature: Dive underwater to collect a random prize by selecting one of four special pearls. Ā 

Treasure Pearl Feature: Earn 10 Free Games where only Pearl symbols or blanks will appear on the reels. Each Free Game will have a random multiplier ranging from x1 to x5!

Mermaidā€™s Pearls is an original new slot available atĀ Sloto'Cash to play with a:

111% Match Bonus + 111 Free Spins on Top!
Redeem Code:Ā 111PEARLS

Offer holds 30x slots roll over + 10x playthrough on spins winnings and no max cashout.Ā 

This is the sequel to the highly praised slot Enchanted Garden.

Enchanted Garden II is a 25-line video slot with high volatility. Ā Ā Enchanted Garden 2 slot machine is beautifully crafted with sharp graphics and charming animations, set in a dreamy forest teeming with gnomes, fairies and magic rings.

The music is mesmerizing and you have newer sharper symbols inside the reels.

Featuring two bonus features that give plentiful FreeĀ Games. Letā€™s look at the irresistible features of this prime slot:

Substitute: The Fairy Princess is again a wild and appears on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. All prizes are doubled when she appears in a winning combination. Ā 

Scatter: This symbol appears on all reels. They do not have to appear on a pay-line to pay. Land minimum 2 to get a prize, with a maximum 500 prize ( x trigger bet) if you get 5 in a single spin

FreeĀ Games:Ā Ā There are two FreeĀ GameĀ rounds. To trigger the feature you must land a Garden symbol on reel 1 and a Fairy Princess on reel 5. You click on the Fairy symbol to reveal your freeĀ game.

Firefly Feature:Ā You receive 7 FreeĀ GamesĀ where the Gnome, Fairy and Garden symbols have a tiny firefly symbol embedded in them. If you get three or more fireflies in a single spin, you get up to 3 extra freeĀ gamesĀ for EACH of the triggering symbols. This make it very tempting as the FreeĀ GamesĀ can continue indefinitely. All prizes are tripled during the FreeGames

Fairy Queen Feature:Ā You start with 10 FreeĀ Games, plus extra Fairy Princess symbols on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5! As in the Firefly feature, the Fairy, Gnome and Garden have a firefly in the background. 3 or more fireflies in a spin, grant up to 3 extra FreeĀ gamesĀ per symbol. With the extra Wilds on this feature you will end up with huge amounts of FreeĀ Games. All prizes are tripled during this feature!

Local progressive jackpot: This is a random jackpot that can be won at the conclusion of any spin, no special combination required!

Enchanted Garden 2 is a solid addition to Slotoā€™Cash ever-growing collection ofĀ games. Enjoy this enchantingĀ gameĀ year round for a rewarding onlineĀ gamingĀ experience.

Deposit Get
$25-$49 15 Free Spins on Top!
$50-$99 25 Free Spins on Top!
$100-$199 50 Free Spins on Top!
$200-$299 75 Free Spins on Top!
$300+ 100 Free Spins on Top!

SpinsĀ Game:Ā Enchanted Garden



SpinsĀ winnings holdĀ 10xĀ playthrough and no max cashout. Redeem 2x per day throughout the month!

As featured on Sloto Magazine

Time travel has been a fascination of the 20th century. Before this century, few people considered the possibility of traveling through time. Early societies sometimes pictured dream scenarios where they returned to a Golden Age, but it was only in recent times that humanity gave this idea some real thought.

It all started with a small book titled ā€˜The Time Machineā€™ by H. G. Wells, published in 1895.Ā  Since then the imagination of many has been inseminated with the fascination and contradictions of traveling through time. Popular culture has portrayed time travel in classic films such as: Back to the Future, Interstellar, and Terminator.

It is a fascinating subject, but is time travel even possible?

According to modern science, it is theoretically possible. Thanks to Einsteinā€™s theory of Special Relativity, we discovered that fast moving objects experience time slower ā€“ something known as Time Dilatation. So passanger flying in a spacecraft close to the speed of light would experience a trip as lasting only 24 hours, while for people on earth several years have elapsed before the spaceship returns!

Another theoretical possibility is to create wormhole through the fabric space-time. This is another idea derived from the work of Albert Einstein. Since all of space and time are connected in what is known as space-time, traveling through a wormhole would mean one could end up either in the past or the future in a complete different galaxy!

Do you get excited thinking about time travel? Why not try our new game Cubee (opposite page) whose main theme is traveling through different eras in history!

Next Generation Casino Game

A closer look at Cubee

Technology is moving in great strides and each year we see great breakthroughs in smartphones, laptops and other gadgets. But these are not the only advances in technology. Online casino games are also evolving and a clear example is the release of a new slot machine called: Cubee!

Cubee is unlike any other slot machine ā€“ in fact, itā€™s hard to call it a slot machine! It has NO reels and it plays more like a computer game rather than a traditional slot. It breaks away from what most online slot machines do. Itā€™s time to think outside the box, or should we say, cube!

The protagonist is a fuzzy and adorable creature named Cubee. The goal of the game is to defeat enemies while traveling through 3 different ages: The Stone Age, The Era of Piracy, The Viking Age and finally culminating in CubeeLand ā€“ where Free Games with multipliers are played!

The new fantastic Cubee has these features:

Energy Ball: This symbol increases Cubeeā€™s strength, allowing him to defeat more powerful enemies and you earn higher jackpot payouts.

Rocco: Ā Cubeeā€™s main enemy. He stands opposite Cubee in each epoch. When a weapon appears in a game round, it will strike Rocco to lower his stamina. Once defeated, Cubee travels to the next epoch.Ā 

Era of Piracy:Ā  For each cannon symbol appearing in this round, the Free Games tally number will go up by a point.Ā  Ā 

The Viking Age:Ā  For each bow symbol appearing in this round, the multiplier number will go up by a point.Ā  Ā 

Cubeeland: Payback time! Play your accumulated Free Games with the accrued multiplier!

Play Cubee with a 150% Match + 50 Free Spins on top!
Redeem Code: CUBEE150

Promo requires a $25 min. deposit and it holds 30x roll over and no max cashout. Redeem 1x weekly.

We are fans of Asian slots and Fucanglong is an epic slot with a Chinese Mythology theme.Ā  Fucanglong is the mythological treasure dragon in Chinese folklore and it is a symbol of immense good luck.Ā Make it your mission to find treasures, bonuses and free spins hidden in the reels of Fucanglong and play it with a 225% Match + 50 Spins TWICE Daily!Ā 

Bonus features lovers will be amazed by how many special bonus features thisĀ gameĀ has

Fucanglong is an All Ways Pays slot so that you donā€™t have to align symbols on a pay-line. Instead, you simply have to get symbols in consecutive order from left to right, regardless of where they appear on the reels.

Here are the impressive bonus features on Fucanglong:

WILD DRAGON: Appearing on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 and substituting all symbols except scatters. This will be your good friend while you play.

TWO SCATTERS:Ā The Dragon Pearl and Dragon Mountain are two scatters in thisĀ game. Each can trigger a different bonus feature (see below).

DRAGON MOUNTAIN FEATURE:Ā Ā Get three or more Dragon Mountain scatters to trigger this feature. Receive 8 FREEĀ GAMES. Re-triggers are possible, adding 3 extra FREEĀ GAMESand increasing the payout multiplier by 1. The Wild Dragon will expand in this feature if 4 or 5 scatters triggered the FreeĀ Games.

DRAGON PEARL FEATURE:Ā Get three or more Dragon Pearl scatters to trigger this feature. Get 8 FREEĀ GAMES. At the conclusion of the freeĀ games, a pearl will reveal a win worth 3x to 88x your trigger bet.

If your winnings from the FreeĀ GamesĀ did not reach the pearl number then the Fucanglong feature is triggered!

FUCANGLONG FEATURE:Ā You will receive extra FreeĀ GamesĀ until you can surpass the Pearl Value. After each extra Free Spin, the Pearlā€™s Value will increase by 1 to 8x your trigger bet, potentially rising up to 888x your trigger bet!

During this feature the Wild Dragon will expand to cover the entire reel!

If you crave bonus-packed slots, then Fucanglong has to be in your top favorite list. With great ambient music, solid graphics and exponential winnings ā€“ this All Ways Pays slot is sure to become your favorite!

Deposit Get Extra Info
$25-$49 75% Match +15 Spins
$50-$99 100% Match +20 Spins
$100-$149 125% Match +25 Spins
$150-$199 150% Match +30 Spins
$200-$249 175% Match +35 Spins
$300+ 225% Match +50 Spins

Spins Game: Fucanglong

Bonus Terms:

Offer available 2x per day throughout the month. It holds 30xĀ slots or keno playthrough and NO MAX CASHOUT!