This month saw the release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and Series S. These join the Nintendo Switch as the main video game consoles of this new generation (the ninth one since the first consoles were released in the market back in 1975) that promise 4K gaming at up to 120 frames per second, ray tracing and faster loading speeds than its predecessors. Both Sony and Microsoft proud themselves for their brand new next gen consoles, and both claim to be the best in performance and overall gaming experience:

  • Price: Both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 cost $499, while the Series S is priced at $299 and the PS5 Digital Edition costs $399. The latter 2 lack an optical drive to read discs, and the Series S’ SSD is half as large as the Series X.

  • Backward compatibility: Both consoles offer almost all of their previous gen games on their gaming catalog, even though the Xbox Series X has an edge: With the same backward compatibility the Xbox One offered for Xbox 360 and original Xbox games.

  • Performance: Next generation consoles are always judged by their power, speed and visual fidelity levels. Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X & Series S have similar features in this sense, and it’s very difficult to declare a winner.

  • Design: The PS5 is a towering machine, and is the biggest console Sony has ever built, while the Xbox Series X looks more like the design of gaming PCs thanks to its cuboid shape.

While both the PS5 and Xbox Series X & Series S are very powerful new consoles competing for the same market, they are both excellent options that offer 10-12 TFLOPS of graphical power and all of the load-time benefits that come from SSDs.

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the life and adventures of mr sloto

Inspired by suggestion of Sloto’Cash player Jacqueline Ortiz

Mr. Sloto puts on his comfy robe. It’s 6.05 am on December 25th. O boy, how he loves Xmas. He can’t wait to see Mrs. Sloto face when she opens her big gift: a stainless steel dress!

And Mr. Sloto is also looking forward to his gifts. He’s seen Mrs. Sloto sneaking around the house. He knows she’s up to something. Will she get him a new scooter or could it be scuba gear for a long trip to Hawaii?

Mr. Sloto goes downstairs to light the candles on the Xmas tree; an old tradition he cherishes. Mrs. Sloto comes shortly after into the living room. “Oh, it’s so beautiful my dear!” she sighs with delight as she sees a sparkling green Xmas tree in the middle of the room.

“Merry Xmas” says Mr. Sloto and they embrace. Mrs. Sloto is eager to give him her gift. She picks up a very large box and hands it over to Mr. Sloto. Mr. Sloto thrilled, begins to remove the wrapping.

“It’s nothing big, Mr. Sloto, hope you like it”, says Mrs. Sloto.

Mr. Sloto unpacks it all and is taken aback:  10 oil cans, a few rolls of quarters and new tires for his feet.  “You’ll be just like new for the New Year” says Mrs. Sloto.

Mr. Sloto slightly disappointed, feigns a smile and thanks his wife. Suddenly the ground starts shaking. A 7.1 magnitude earthquake is underway. The oil cans fall to the ground and splatter the entire room. The candles on the Xmas tree ignite the oil and a huge ball of fire emerges.

“Run!!!” screams Mr. Sloto as he gets a hold of Mrs. Sloto and pulls her out of the house.

By noon, their entire house is burnt down to ashes. Mr. and Mrs. Sloto in their morning attire are attended by firefighters.

“Well, that’s a Xmas to remember”, says humorously Mr. Sloto. Mrs. Sloto smiles and whispers into Mr. Sloto’s ear: “Our adventure has just begun.”

What will happen next? Where will they live? Will they find a new home or travel the world instead?

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