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What’s $3 x 333,333?

That’s a million dollars 🤑, which is precisely what T. Quarles, a woman from Brookhaven, won at the Magnolia Bluffs casino this year. She hit this million-dollar jackpot while playing a slot on a $3.75 wager. The woman gave thanks to the Almighty for this enormous blessing.

The grace of luck can happen to anyone. Sloto’Cash is eager to change the life of one of its lucky players with one of our million-dollar progressive jackpots. Could you be the next lucky winner?  

Deposit $25+
Get 111 'God of Wealth' Spins on top!
Redeem Coupon: 111TRUEJACKPOT

Deposit $100+
Get 300% High Roller Bonus!
Redeem Coupon : 300HIGHROLLER

Coupons info:
111TRUEJACKPOT coupon holds 20x rollover. Redeemable 1x weekly this month. 300HIGHROLLER bonus holds 40x rollover, and it is redeemable once this month.

Sloto Magazine

Autumn's Magical Moments 🍂💵

Sloto Magazine Fall Edition is soon being shipped out to thousands of players that will enjoy countless hours of fun during the autumn months. As we enter one of the most dazzling seasons of all, we invite you to redeem exclusive coupons from our magazine, so you can watch magical jackpots unfold in your Sloto'Cash account!

Fall 2023 Magazine Features:

A universe of entertainment 

Sloto'Cash is much more than just a gaming hub. We have expanded to cover all main social media platforms, so you can get maximum entertainment throughout the day. Our social media revolution has begun - aimed at making you a smarter and luckier player that cashes out more often!

Best Games of the Season!

Our Sloto Magazine editor presents a curated list of slots to play in the fall. Discover exclusive coupons for these games!

Lifestyle trends and tips

Our magazine has a strong focus on empowering our Sloto community. Learn how to thrive this season in all aspects of your life!

The Promo Calendar

In the middle section of Sloto Magazine there is a 3-month calendar with generous coupons that will extend your luck through September, October and November!

Transform your seasonal luck!

As the trees are shedding their leaves to prepare for next year's renewal, it's time for you to abandon your spells of bad luck and enter a new season of profits!

Deposit Get Coupon Code
$25+ 100% Easy-Win Subscriber Bonus EASY2023FALLMAG

Redeem with your next $25+ deposit. Offer holds a 25x rollover ONLY❗

Bitcoin Lightning Network

The Time of Bitcoin is NOW!

Introducing Lightning Network for Bitcoin

Have you heard that Bitcoin transactions take a long time to be confirmed and often carry huge fees? Well, that’s a story of the past because the new Bitcoin Lightning Network has arrived to make things much smoother for the cryptocurrency market.

The Lightning Network is a second layer platform installed over the traditional Bitcoin blockchain. Simply put, when you use the Lightning Network, you get two incredible advantages:

Bitcoin transactions are made instantly – within seconds!

Bitcoin transfers have little to no fees!

The Lightning Network has arrived at Sloto'Cash, so you can now deposit quickly and cheaply with bitcoins in our cashier. Here’s how:

1) Download a wallet that supports the Lightning Network. We recommend: Wallet of Satoshi, Munn Wallet or CashApp.

2) Then load bitcoins to your wallet, by first purchasing them in an exchange wallet like CoinBase. Transfer the bitcoins from Coinbase to your Lightning Network wallet.

3)  You are now ready to make a deposit at Sloto’Cash by opening the casino cashier and selecting the ‘Lightning Bitcoin’ as the deposit method. Enter the amount you want to deposit to reveal a QR code with the address where funds must be sent to.

4)  Now return to your Lightning Network wallet and select the option to Pay or Transfer bitcoins.  Scan the QR code you got in the Sloto’Cash cashier. Confirm the payment and voilà – you have funds to play at Sloto'Cash!

100% Easy-Win BTC Bonus (20x rollover!) BITLIGHTS-1
$100 Lightning Token(When you redeem the coupon above) BITLIGHTS-2

How to get your lightning bonuses:

Go to the cashier and find the Lightning Bitcoin option in the deposit section or follow the instructions from our video tutorials to complete your deposit between $5 and $100. The max bonus amount is $50! Both offers hold 20x rollover ONLY, and you can win up to $500 EXTRA with your loyalty coupon! Please note that coupons must be redeemed in order :)

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