the life and adventures of mr sloto

The search for firm land

Days and days of endless rain fell on the island. The entire tribe gathered in the main hall, where food was shared sparingly while the elderly and infirm were taken care of by the community.

Mr. Sloto was getting restless of waiting and wanted to hear some news from abroad to see if the storms would soon pass. He whispered into Mrs. Sloto’s ear channel: “I’m going to slip away and try to make it to our vessel. We need to know what’s happening.”

Mr. Sloto got away without any member of the tribe noticing, and when he reached his vessel, it was upside down on the beach. Strong winds were breaking the palm trees and waves were as large as hills. He managed to quickly get into the vessel and started fiddling with the radio. He saw he had only 10% battery left and immediately started calling out through the main frequencies.

“Mayday, Mayday, I’m stuck on North Sentinel Island. There are strong storms. SOS.”

Suddenly he could hear a voice on the other end: “This is captain to Kolkata Cruise Patrol. Storms are expected to subside in two weeks. However, the north of the planet is heating up and polar caps are melting. We expect sea level rises up to 25 feet! North Sentinel Island is expected to be drowned.”

“Roger that and out” said Mr. Sloto and quickly made his way back to the main hall. He explained to the tribe that the sea gods are restless and will raise the sea like a blanket of water over the entire island. If they were to survive, they needed to build an arc capable of holding all members of the tribe and enough resources for an unknown period of time.

The islanders immediately set up a plan and gathered the sturdiest wood available. The oldest seafarer instructed the team how to assemble an enormous arc, and after two weeks the work was done, just as the sea water was beginning to flood through rivers and streams on the island.

They gathered all the food they could get and let the arc stand on wooden supports that would collapse when the water reached them.

Two weeks later the time had come, sea levels had dramatically risen and the island was almost covered in water. The islanders along with Mr. and Mrs. Sloto got into the arc, opened sails and set off into the unknown. 

This is an interactive series. Players get to vote on that next chapter of the story!


1st option) Mr. Sloto and the islanders meet countless arcs in the ocean, each telling them how they just managed to escape a catastrophe back home.  

2nd option) Mr. Sloto and the arc make it safely to higher land where they speak to local ruler if they can stay with them. The ruler agrees only to turn the islanders and Mr. Sloto into slaves.

3rd option) The arc reaches the feet of the Himalayas, where hundreds of thousands of people have gathered to build a new civilization that lives in harmony with the earth.  

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the life and adventures of mr sloto

The climate crisis

Mr. and Mrs. Sloto lived on North Sentinel Island for months like king and queen. The islanders satisfied every wish and they were blissfully unaware of anything outside their small island.

One night, as Mr. Sloto was about to shut down his system and go into sleep mode, he heard a loud thundering sound in the distance. He didn’t heed it too much and shut down for sleep.

The next morning it began to rain hard and continued for hours in the afternoon and night. The following day the rain keep pouring down and winds were picking up. That evening there were hurricane-strong winds breaking palm trees and some of the huts on the island. The islanders were getting scared and were pleading their ‘gods’ to do something.

Mr. Sloto had an idea. He went back to his environmentally-friendly vessel, where he had a satellite radio. He tried to reach the closest meteorological center to get information about local weather conditions. “Hallo!” came back in the radio, “you reached Bangkok’s meteorological center, how can I help you?”

 “This is Mr. Sloto calling from North Sentinel Island. We are experiencing extreme weather conditions. Is a storm on its way here?”

“There are storms everywhere, sir. Haven’t you heard?”

“No! What to do you mean… everywhere”

“Yes, across the entire globe. It’s a climate crisis. The ocean waters are too warm now and they are producing very violent storms everywhere. The UN has stated a global state of emergency; everybody should take shelter and collect as much food and water while the weather is unpredictable.”

“Holy molly! Thanks for the info. Will do that. Roger and out.”

Mr. Sloto hurried back to Ms. Sloto and the tribe. He explained there was an emergency. He explained in secret first to Ms. Sloto and then to the islanders he spoke: “The gods of the sky are angry. Humans have been too careless with this planet for too long. There will be fire coming from the sky and wind like the breath of a thousand dragons. We must collect all the food and water we can and build a strong fortress to protect children, women and the sick….”

This is an interactive series. Players get to vote on that next chapter of the story!

the life and adventures of mr sloto

The prophesied god

“And we’re off”, said Mr. Sloto, as they left Cherrytown. The town had been restored to order and Mr. and Mrs. Sloto had received a medal from the city’s mayor for their heroic efforts.

“First stop, islands in the Indian ocean!” continued Mr. Sloto as he was configuring his navigation path in the sailboat’s computer frame.

For the next two weeks Mr. and Mrs. Sloto spent quality time together playing card games, looking out to the endless horizon and the impressive night sky before going to bed.

Early one morning, Mr. Sloto says: “We are about to land in a little known island called North Sentinel Island. I have read online that there are natives here that are hostile to visitors, so we have to be very careful not to frighten them.”

Mr. Sloto set anchor near the coast and both of them got off to explore the island. Suddenly a whooshing sound was heard. “What was that?” asked Mr. Sloto. He looked up and saw something approaching. “Oh no!” screamed Mr. Slot, “We’re under attack… let’s run!”

Hundreds of arrows were approaching Mr. and Mrs. Sloto. They whizzed as fast as possible through the sands, but their wheels were beginning to fail under the humid conditions.  An arrow struck Mr. Sloto in his back and knocked him down. Mrs. Sloto was paralyzed with fear.

A gang of 20 islanders approached the visitors. What seemed like the leader held an amulet in his hand. It shone bright in the sun. He began speaking, as if preaching to the clouds. Strangely, the sky began to turn overcast and a few drops of rain began to fall. Mr. Slot mumbled: “We come in peace… please don’t hurt us!”

The leader came to examine Mr. Sloto up close. He pulled Mr. Sloto’s slot lever and the reels began to turn. Three diamonds appear on the reels and Mr. Sloto spat out dozens of gold coins. The islanders were in awe. They took the two visitors into the island. Mr. Sloto was placed inside a native temple made of intertwined palm tree leaves. Inside there were images that eerily resembled Mr. Sloto.

The islanders all sat around Mr. Sloto and began to worship him. Mr. Sloto looked at Mrs. Sloto that was next to the temple. “They think I’m a sort of prophesied god” he said with a smirk on his face. “I think we are safe for now.”

This is an interactive series. Players get to vote on that next chapter of the story!

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