August’s Wild Pleasures

As of August 1st...

Close the summer months with the luxury of jackpots. The wildest adventure of luck is about to unfold before your very eyes. This month your bankroll can increase when you redeem a total of 350% in Lucky Bonuses!

Play a trilogy of Wild Slots with our August Wild Bonus Package. You get to spin the reels of Wild Fire 7’s, Twister Wilds and Wild Hog Luau with a total of 99 Free Spins. We add the gift $111 free token when you complete all these seasonal coupons.

There is no greater pleasure than seeing your screen light up with a “BIG WIN” sign. Make the best of the last summer days by winning big at Sloto’Cash!

150% 1st Match Bonus + 33 Spins
Redeem Code: WILDFUN-1
Game: Wild Fire 7's

200% 2nd Match Bonus + 33 Spins
Redeem Code:  WILDFUN-2
Game: Twister Wilds

Get after a $111 Free + 33 Spins
Redeem Code: WILDFUN-3
Game: Wild Hog Luau

Promo codes must be redeemed in order!

Get started with your $25+ deposit. All promos hold 30x rollover. Win up to $500 EXTRA with your loyalty coupon.

Jackpot Saloon

Be brave and don’t swoon from the sound of jackpots!

Make room because here comes Mr. Sloto, loaded with the good news of a new slot now available at Sloto'Cash! We’re traveling back into the past, into an unforgettable adventure set in the Wild West. This is not a slot for the faint of heart, as you will get bombarded by bonus features left and right, allowing you to accrue lethal winnings on your lucky day. Introducing our new 20-line, 5-reel video slot: Jackpot Saloon!

We’re calling all sharpshooters that can get the best bang for their buck. Jackpot Saloon offers two different Bonus Features, including two unique ways to trigger the Free Games. Special jackpots can be won during the Free Games!

Discover the impressive features of Jackpot Saloon:

Star Collect Feature: Above each of the 5 reels, there are 5 star badge symbols. Collect all 5 star badge symbols above a single reel to trigger 10 Free Games!

Bonus Scatter: Get 3 or more of these special scatters to trigger the Pick Bonus Feature!

Pick Bonus Feature: Reveal prizes, multipliers, star badges from wooden barrels on your screen. Round ends when you pick a dynamite symbol.

Free Games Scatter: Get 3 or more of these scatters to trigger a lucky round of Free Games!

Free Games Feature: Play 10 Free Games with tripled prizes! The star badge collector symbols above each reel are now associated with a unique jackpot. Collect all 5 star badges during a Free games round to trigger the corresponding jackpot!

Fire up your luck while playing our new adventurous slot, now available at the world's favourite online casino: Sloto'Cash

Deposit $25+ and get 100 EASY-WIN FREE SPINS on top!

Offer holds 20x rollover on spins winnings ONLY!

Fun Facts too Obvious

While we are busy taking care of our lives, we might overlook simple, obvious facts that are no-brainers once you think about them. We have collected a series of facts that are as true as they are obvious to any keen observer. We thought you would get a good kick out of these silly facts we don’t even bother to mention anymore.  

Fun Fact #1
Cats, dogs and other animals with a snout can’t look directly below their eyes. Why? The snout gets in the way!

Fun Fact #2
Percentages are reversible, try it! 20% of 75 is the same as 75% of 20!

Fun Fact #3
Cats will drink cow milk, but they are actually lactose intolerant!

Fun Fact #4
The short version of refrigeration is fridge… remember the d!

Fun Fact #5  
Fasting means you abstain from eating. That’s what we do when we sleep. Therefore, we break the fast when we have breakfast!

Fun Fact #6
Chipotle peppers are actually smoked dry jalapeño peppers!         

Fun Fact #7
Tear ducts in your eyes are not responsible for tears, in fact they are there to absorb and remove extra fluids in your eyes that will develop into tears if unchecked!

Fun Fact #8
You never bite down because your top teeth don’t move. It’s your jaw that moves up and down, so you are actually biting UP!

Deposit $25+ get 333 FREE SPINS on top!

Offer holds 30x rollover. Spins game: Miami Jackpots

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