Home Alone

Fun facts about the 90’s classic

What could be cozier than sitting on a couch during the holidays with a bowl of popcorn while watching the 1990’s classic, Home Alone? It has been three decades since the McCallister family accidentally left Kevin at home during the holidays, prompting the eight-year-old boy to bamboozle a couple of thieves trying to make their way into his home. This film is now regarded as a classic for the holidays and we’ve gathered some interesting facts you might not know about this film.

The role was written for Macaulay Culkin

John Hughes wrote the film with Macaulay Culkin in mind after having worked with him in ‘Uncle Buck’. The director, Chris Columbus, wanted to be fair and do an actual casting, where he met close to 200 children auditioning for the role, but eventually met with the young Culking and agreed he was perfect for the role.

There were two Culkins in the film

Macaulay’s younger brother, Kieran, also appears in the film as Kevin’s bed-wetting cousin, Fuller. This was the first of Keiran’s films and he went on to build a successful acting career both in film and television.

It was a Guinness World Record holder

Home Alone became an instant success and remained one of the highest grossing live-action comedy films ever produced. In fact, it held the record for 27 years until the Chinese blockbuster ‘Never Say Die’ knocked it off its perch in 2017.

The McCallister home became a tourist attraction

Flocks of tourists and fans of the film have traveled to 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka, Illinois to get a photo of the house in the film. Many stand in front of the courtyard to make Kevin’s famous expression after applying aftershave to his face.

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