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Bitcoin is not entirely a new phenomenon although many people have yet to hear this word. It started as a cybernetic fantasy: anonymous programmer(s) set to create a new currency for the digital world. The idea was to make a currency that was controlled by no government or financial institution, a currency that had no physical form and existed only within computers!

Since its inception 8 years ago, it has traversed a long road of ups and downs, with many critics and disbelievers along the way. Today it is finally recognized as a real currency, and it is called: the first decentralized digital currency in the world.

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Visa moves on Crypto!!

The financial giant Visa has confirmed this week that they still have big plans to move into the digital currency world. They are currently partnering up with several cryptocurrencies platforms and expect to launch a reliable, stable and safe crypto payment platform in the future. 
With the backing of financial titans like MasterCard and Visa, cryptocurrencies could one day be the biggest mainstream payment method!

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Crypto is on the rise!

After the United States Federal Reserve Chair Jerome announced that inflation was slowing down in the US, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin began to soar and have jumped nearly 4% in the first couple of days in February.

Matrixport, one of Asia's fastest-growing digital coin platforms, expects Bitcoin to double its current value by Christmas 2023! It’s the perfect time to start playing with Bitcoin and digital currencies at Sloto’Cash. Imagine having a few bitcoins saved up in your crypto wallet after cashing out at our games and then seeing their value boom this year! 

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Banking Giant Goes Crypto!

The American multinational banking giant, Morgan Stanley, is now adding Bitcoin (BTC) as one of the assets they will manage for their clients. Morgan Stanley has $6.5 trillion in assets and now is moving to cash in on the booming crypto market. This is a powerful sign that banks will soon be trading in crypto and you’ll be able to pay your bills with Bitcoin!

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Crypto Winter

Cryptocurrencies fluctuate just like the stock market does. Most digital currencies are going through a ‘Crypto Winter,’ which means their prices dipped considerably in 2022. Nonetheless, Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest still believes coins like Bitcoin will be worth $1 million by 2030. With the lower prices of digital coins today now is the time to have small savings in cryptocurrency that one day could explode into unimaginable fortunes!

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McDonald's goes Crypto!

In the Swiss city of Lugano, a new initiative by Plan ₿ Foundation has announced that it will deploy technology so customers can use their crypto wallets to buy their Happy Meal at McDonald’s! By the end of 2023, this organization hopes to have over 2,500 merchants accepting cryptocurrencies!

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Bitcoin Prediction

Bitcoin market price has taken a slide in recent weeks but SkyBridge Capital founder, Anthony Scaramucci, has made his prediction for Bitcoin. According to him, the fair market price for Bitcoin is $40,000. That’s almost double its current value. Imagine hitting the jackpot now at Sloto’Cash and withdrawing it with Bitcoin, so its value doubles in just a matter of months!

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The Unpredictable

A Time Magazine article from this week claims financial experts still believe Bitcoin could hit $100,000 in 2022. While the cryptocurrency has seen a sharp drop in recent weeks, experts believe the rising inflation and other factors could push the digital currency to never before seen heights!

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are known for being unpredictable, but the payoff could be huge. Deposit, invest, and cash out with cryptocurrencies at Sloto’Cash!

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