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Chapter 2: The miracle of luck

As featured on Sloto Magazine
Co-written by Sloto'Cash player Ricky Kye.

Mr. Sloto had become an international sensation. Victor Fluke, his creator, could no longer cope with the attention. Everybody wanted to spins the reels of Mr. Sloto to discover their 'level of luck'. There were not enough hours every day to satisfy all visitors. They needed to set up special security and surveillance outside of Victor's house as there were already some attempts to steal Mr. Sloto.

One evening, Victor woke up in the middle night and turned on the light. Mr. Sloto was gone! He called the police and was nowhere to be found. Victor became worried that Mr. Sloto would be used for evil purposes.

Three months passed without any clues, until one morning Victor's doorbell rang. He asked over the intercom who it was. A high-pitched voice said: It's me… Mr. Sloto!

Victor could not believe his ears. He looked out his windows and in fact it was Mr. Sloto, alive and in prime condition. He opened the door to Mr. Sloto that came slowly through the door. He spoke clearly, intelligently: Nice to see you again Victor, it's been a while.

They sat for hours as Mr. Sloto explained what had happened. The night he went missing, a green leprechaun stole into the house and took Mr. Sloto away through the chimney. Lucky the Leprechaun, as he was called, introduced his finest four-leaf clover into Mr. Sloto's mouth. Then all of the sudden, Mr. Sloto's jackpot alarm begins to sound and an abundant jackpot falls to

Lucky's feet. Lucky then notices another surprise, Mr. Sloto pops out arms and hands while beginning to make intelligible sounds: he was beginning to speak!

Victor was dumbstruck. He didn't know if he was dreaming or hallucinating. But here it was, his own creation - Mr. Sloto - telling him a story as fantastic as unbelievable. But this was only half the story.

Before both were going to bed, Mr. Sloto came close to Victor to whisper a secret into his hear. Mr. Sloto speaks slowly but clearly, he says: I've fallen in love….

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