the life and adventures of mr sloto

The Great Illusion

The homeless inventor now had two suitcases full of gold pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Every coin he would get while begging on the streets would be introduced in Mr. Sloto’s coin slot and it would come out as a golden coin.

Mr. Sloto kept trying to think how to escape but the inventor had him on a chain leash. One day, while Mr. Sloto kept pushing out golden coins, he noticed something was not feeling right inside.

“I’m not feeling very well, it’s like there is some chemical reaction happening in my insides.”

The inventor’s eyes opened wide and said: “It’s working; soon everything you touch will turn into pure gold!”

Mr. Sloto could not believe what he was hearing, but strangely enough, a few days later, he touched a table and it turned gilded. Then a chair, later a doorknob. Soon, everything around them was turning into gold.

“Hahaha I’m going to become the richest person in the world!” – shouted the inventor.

Mr. Sloto could not avoid touching more things and soon enough large parts of the CherryTown were turning gold. But something was not right, the news spoke of acts of unprecedented vandalism; they claimed someone had been spray painting the city with golden paint. “What is really happening?!” thought Mr. Sloto.

He studied the first thing that had turned into gold, the table. He scratched the surface and sure enough the wood beneath the paint was revealed. He wasn’t turning things to gold, simply covering them in paint. He looked at his finger and saw a tiny outlet. He touched an apple that was nearby while examining what was happening. “Aha – ionized electro-paint, that spreads quickly around the first object it touches” – thought Mr. Sloto. “This inventor must be delusional; he created a giant spray paint machine.”

That evening, when the inventor would unchain him from the personal leash onto a metal pole in his quarters, Mr. Sloto had an idea. He touched the inventor and saw the ionized electro-paint cover him in gilded color. The inventor screamed as Mr. Sloto ran away as fast as he could…

This is an interactive series. Players get to vote on that next chapter of the story!


1st option) Mr. Sloto roams the city to find Mrs. Sloto looking despondent, thinking Mr. Slot has been destroyed.

2nd option) Mr. Sloto runs to Victor Fluke, his inventor, to revert to his older normal self.  

3rd option) Mr. Sloto decides to use his special paint one last time before going to the police to explain the recent events. On the way to the police, he paints the city’s main fountain to gold.

Send your vote to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and be part of the evolution of this story!

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