the life and adventures of mr. sloto

A Gift from Peace

“She’s entering critical levels” shouted the robotics surgeon responsible for the birth of the robobaby. “We are picking up very high levels of radioactivity, this baby is going to blow soon, we must take Mrs. Sloto to the anti-radioactive chamber. I’m afraid they will detonate there, but at least this city will remain safe.”

The team were just about to take Mrs. Sloto out of the room when suddenly Victor Fluke appeared at the door. “Stop, I have a solution!”

Mr. Sloto was relieved to see his genius inventor appearing at the nick of time.

“I’ve been to the Peace Department, where they are developing technology to secure world peace. They have just developed this plasma shield that can defuse any radioactive device within seconds.”

Victor Fluke placed the plasma over Mrs. Sloto’s belly. Shortly after this, the radioactivity levels began to drop.

“It worked!” the group shouted. “Now it’s time to deliver this robobaby!” said the main surgeon.

After an hour-long procedure, Mr. Sloto could no longer wait to come into the delivery room and see what was happening. Finally, the doors opened and he was welcomed in.

“Mr. Sloto…. let us introduce you to your new family member…”

This is an interactive series. Players get to vote on that next chapter of the story!


1st option) Mr. Sloto walks into the delivery room to meet his robobaby, but the lights go out just the moment he is about to see him.

2nd option) Mr. Sloto finds the robobaby adorable but then complications with the birth put Mrs. Sloto in a frantic state.

3rd option) Mr. Sloto and Mrs. Sloto move back home with the robobaby, but they have no idea how to raise a baby since they were not programmed to do this task. 

Send your vote to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and be part of the evolution of this story!

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