the life and adventures of mr sloto

Born again

Mrs. Sloto was in tears. She held Mr. Sloto in her arms; he was unresponsive and smelling of burnt circuitry. Mr. Sloto had faced the MegaVirus head to head and had succumbed to the power of the malignant virus. Mrs. Sloto didn’t know what to do; should she call an ambulance or a computer repair agent? She called the only person that came to mind: Victor Fluke – the creator of Mr. Sloto.

Mrs. Sloto dialed the number and asked for Victor. Victor answered the phone, “Hello? Who is this?”.

“This is Mrs. Sloto, I’m the spouse of Mr. Sloto, the lovable slot machine robot you created. Mr. Sloto is hurt, badly damaged.”

“Send me a location link and I’ll come right away” replied Victor. “Oh, but there is no internet” retorted Mrs. Sloto.

Mrs. Sloto could hear a sense of excitement in Victor’s voice when he replied: “It’s coming back, everybody is coming back online. The MegaVirus is gone!”

Mrs. Sloto could not believe it; Mr. Sloto had defeated the virus. She sent the link to Victor and waited outside by the curb. Mrs. Slot was low on energy, so she went on standby-mode to save on battery life. Without warning, a recycling truck was making its run through the neighborhood. The men picked Mr. Sloto, thinking it was a defunct slot machine.

When Victor arrived to the scene, Mrs. Sloto returned to normal power levels only to discover Mr. Sloto was no longer there! “We have to find him, Victor – he’s gone, he was just here, totally offline and powerless. Someone must have taken him while I was in standby-mode!”

That afternoon, the recycling truck piled all its electrical junk in a pile. A wandering homeless person set eyes on Mr. Sloto. What a curious machine, he thought. He put Mr. Sloto in the shopping cart he had with him. That night, he set to work, in his underground lab.

“This is my chance to prove them wrong” said the homeless man. “I’m no loser inventor; I’ll turn this machine into one of the greatest inventions of all time!”

After a long night of work he was at last done. He switched on Mr. Sloto’s power who slowly began to move…

This is an interactive series. Players get to vote on that next chapter of the story!


1st option) The homeless inventor turns Mr. Sloto into a lethal machine, designed to rob banks and vaults.

2nd option) The homeless inventor turns Mr. Sloto into a land-based counterfeit slot, so he could place him in casinos. Mr. Sloto would then exit the casino at night and bring back all the coins back to the inventor, so he can cash them in the next day.

3rd option) The homeless inventor turns Mr. Sloto into a modern-day Midas. Any metal coin that was put into Mr. Slot’s coin slot was spit out as a coin of pure gold!

Send your vote to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and be part of the evolution of this story!

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