the life and adventures of mr sloto

A fight with MegaVirus

It had all been a very long, surreal nightmare. Mr. Sloto arrived at his home with Mrs. Sloto, feeling fresh after a deep maintenance on his hardware and software. He headed toward his workstation, “I’m going to check my emails, probably have hundreds of fan mail since my hospitalization.”

“Oh – but remember the virus!” – retorted Mrs. Sloto. Mr. Sloto had forgotten what he heard in the hospital. Over the last few weeks a powerful MegaVirus was making the Internet collapse by infecting servers throughout the globe. “We lost access to internet connection two days ago here in this region.” explained Mrs. Sloto.

The world was in chaos; with no Internet, markets had begun to collapse, supermarkets were running dry and people began to feel an emotion they had avoided for years: boredom.

“I can’t let this happen!” shrieked Mr. Sloto, “People are going to go insane without a healthy dose of entertainment.”

Mr. Sloto had an idea. He had an outlet in his frame to connect to the internet and thought about getting online to infect his system with the MegaVirus. He would then try to analyze the MegaVirus and discover its weaknesses. If he would become overpowered, Mrs. Sloto would do a hard shutdown of his system and restore him to a previous configuration.

“Ok, let’s do this,” replied Mrs. Sloto when she heard the plan. They immediately drove to a region where Internet access was still available.

Mr. Sloto remained utterly still as Mrs. Sloto brought the LAN cable to his network outlet. “At the count of three I’ll plug it in. “One… two… three!”

Mr. Sloto's eyes turned fiery red, smoke emerged from all his sockets and he heated up like a rocket reentering the Earth. “Give me a sign my Love” exclaimed Mrs. Sloto, unsure if she should shut him down or give him time to wrestle with the MegaVirus.

This is an interactive series. Players get to vote on that next chapter of the story!


1st option) Mr. Sloto circuits get fried and he is deemed irreparable. He is thrown in a junkyard, only later to be reassembled by a homeless genius inventor.

2nd option) Mr. Sloto entered a deep realm of hyper-reality, where he fought with the avatar of the MegaVirus. After nearly succumbing, he defeats the virus and finds a way to restore the internet.

3rd option) Mr. Sloto discovers it was not a MegaVirus but a flaw in the infrastructure of the internet. Upon returning to his senses, he realized he has a vision for Internet 2.0.

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