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Chapter 4: Troubleshooting in Soace

As featured on Sloto Magazine
Co-written by Sloto Cash player Louis R. Pisano

So how does it work?- asked Victor Fluke once inside the time machine.

Mr. Sloto and Victor where both excited, their adventure through time was about to begin. They were going to gather inspiration for creating the best slot machines in the world. They decided to start in the Cretaceous period, 65 million years ago, to experience first-hand the world of the dinosaurs.

Mr. Sloto was preparing the time machine, entering the precise date and location when suddenly Victor began gasping for air. Achooo, went Victor sneezing so hard that it startled Mr. Sloto and accidentally pressing random buttons on the machine's mainframe.

The machine began buzzing and shaking. Victor had a nervous look on his face. What's happening? - he asked.

Mr. Sloto returned to his senses and looked at the computer. The time's machine computer was set to travel back to 65 BILLION years in the past. WHAT!? shrieked Victor- that's impossible, he said. The universe is only 14 billion years old!

Both Victor and Mr. Sloto looked out the small time machine's window. They couldn't believe their eyes. Out there was a world they had never seen before. There were enormous explosions, a fiery world of rock, gas and fire!

Victor tried to make sense of what he was seeing. They were clearly in outer space, but what those huge explosions were taking place far away.Victor looked carefully out the window and then he understood what was happening. They were ancient suns expanding to colossal sizes and then exploding, leaving a spectacle more beautiful than any 4th of July.

They are Novas and Supernovas, explained Victor. We are probably in a parallel universe, prior to our own, and these are its giant stars exploding all around us. What a great idea for a slot machine, Victor thought.

Suddenly they noticed they were very close to a star that was about to explode. Victor urged Mr. Sloto to quickly get them out of there. Mr. Sloto nervously typed some numbers on the computer. The machine started buzzing and whirling again and suddenly everything went black outside the window, seconds before the star exploded.

Where will they reappear after their space adventure? What will be the inspiration for the next slot machine?

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