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Chapter 5: Underwater treasures

As featured on Sloto Magazine
Co-written by Sloto Cash player Anndee Yates

They had survived. It was dark blue outside the window. Victor and Mr. Sloto felt a calming motion, as if the time machine were slowly descending like a feather in air. They tried to make out their surroundings. The air outside was murky, making it hard to distinguish anything at all. They tried to open the door but they felt an incredible pressure or power from outside the vessel, that would not allow them to pry open the door.

Suddenly, a beautiful woman appeared to them outside the window and said "Alas, you have come to take the treasures of this world. Many have attempted this before and none have succeeded. I will help you reach the secret location but from there on, you're on your own." Victor and Mr. Sloto were astounded by both the sight of her and the things she declared. She was a beautiful young woman wearing a most tantalizing dress, decorated with what seemed like fish scales.

They watched her dance in the air, like a mote of dust. Victor quickly jumped to the window and asked "Where are we and what is this place?. The woman, being somewhat stunned herself at the sight of them, said "I am a mermaid, daughter of Triton."

Mr. Sloto's eyes grew wide with amazement. They were underwater, in some primordial plane where gods and mermaids were real! The mermaid spoke again, "I will push your ship to the treasure's location many leagues underwater."

She swam pushing the time machine further into the deep. Victor and Mr. Sloto began to see a light. It grew brighter and brighter. When they were close enough to the source of light, they saw it was a mountain the size of Everest. But a mountain of gold, pure gold coins!

The mermaid spoke. I will blow a bubble of air so you can travel inside it and pick as many coins as you'd like. But you must hurry! And do return quickly!"

Mr. Sloto took a step forward and said he would do it. He opened the time machine's door and was absorbed by the mermaid's bubble. He swam as fast as he could and picked up some coins.

Suddenly the waters began to stir and a giant creature appeared, holding a trident. A load roar was heard:

"Who steals from my treasure, man or beast?"

Mr. Sloto mustered some courage and said: "None of the above, it is a machine!"

The creature was amazed and said: "I am Triton, messenger of the sea. In all my years underwater, I've never seen a living machine!"

Mr. Sloto confidence rising, said: "Such am I. I seek not riches but a small souvenir from this enchanted land."

Triton picked a coin and said: "Take this one and tell all creatures above that the mighty Triton gave it to you".

Mr. Sloto said he would have to enter his vessel before the bubble burst. So he thanked Triton and took the coin. Once inside the time machine, Victor spoke frenetically to Mr. Sloto. We need to get out of here, water is starting to leak in. Mr. Sloto, in a thoughtless act, put Triton's golden coin in his slot. Suddenly his reels starting to spin very rapidly, emitting sparks and fumes. Mr. Sloto started to slide uncontrollably inside the time machine, bumping into all the controls. The machine started to run again and they had no idea where they would appear after Mr. Sloto's reels lined up.

Where will they appear after their underwater adventure? What will be the inspiration for the next slot machine?

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