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There is good in the world and Mr. Sloto wants to bring you messages of hope through good news!

Year of the Tiger!

Great news has emerged from Nepal where conservationists have revealed that the wild tiger population is growing as much as 40% since 2015. This presents a big leap forward for the endangered species, which has seen a population rebound of 150% since 2009, thanks to protection of wildlife areas, cracking down on poaching and efforts by local communities. Perfect for 2022 – the Chinese Year of the Tiger!

Save the Reef!

The environment is making a comeback! Scientists that have been monitoring the Great Barrier Reef for over 3 decades have unveiled that coral growth has increased by 33% in the central area of the reef. This is the highest coral cover in 36 years!  

Another HIV patient cured!

Since the 80’s, the medical community has believed that HIV could not be cured. Over the past few years, medics have discovered a handful of patients that have completely eradicated the virus from their bodies and are now HIV-free. This is the case of a man in California, who by coincidence, was cured of HIV by receiving a bone marrow transplant from a donor that had natural immunity to the virus. This man became the 5th person to be cured from HIV!

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