While we are busy taking care of our lives, we might overlook simple, obvious facts that are no-brainers once you think about them. We have collected a series of facts that are as true as they are obvious to any keen observer. We thought you would get a good kick out of these silly facts we don’t even bother to mention anymore.  

Fun Fact #1
Cats, dogs and other animals with a snout can’t look directly below their eyes. Why? The snout gets in the way!

Fun Fact #2
Percentages are reversible, try it! 20% of 75 is the same as 75% of 20!

Fun Fact #3
Cats will drink cow milk, but they are actually lactose intolerant!

Fun Fact #4
The short version of refrigeration is fridge… remember the d!

Fun Fact #5  
Fasting means you abstain from eating. That’s what we do when we sleep. Therefore, we break the fast when we have breakfast!

Fun Fact #6
Chipotle peppers are actually smoked dry jalapeño peppers!         

Fun Fact #7
Tear ducts in your eyes are not responsible for tears, in fact they are there to absorb and remove extra fluids in your eyes that will develop into tears if unchecked!

Fun Fact #8
You never bite down because your top teeth don’t move. It’s your jaw that moves up and down, so you are actually biting UP!

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