This is the perfect time to look ahead at the next year and take control of your fate.

Follow our 8 steps to make 2020 a beautiful year.

STEP #1 – End of year review

This is an essential activity to ensure you don’t get swept by the new year. Look back at all that happened in 2019. The good, the bad and the ugly. Write down areas where you want to improve, but don’t be too critical. Every life is a process and we tend to be overly critical of ourselves. Find those areas that require extra attention in your life next year: finance, relationships, health, career, etc. Also, it’s important to write down things you are grateful for, so you can keep appreciating these things in the coming year.

STEP #2 – Brainstorm ideas for the New Year

Now it’s time to set some goals for 2020. Look at your year in review document and see where you need to put a little extra effort. Make sure to prioritize personal growth. Once you start living a harmonious life, a lot of other areas such as love, business, money, health and household will automatically improve themselves.

STEP #3 – Act on your goals

Keep your written goals visible during the new year. Write steps required to reach each goal. These are the actions you will take in 2020 to make your dreams a reality.

STEP #4 – Create a financial plan

Let’s face it, life can be challenging when we are struggling to pay the bills. Work out a budget plan and overview of finance for the new year. Establish how much you need to live and be sure to priority expenses toward this end. Then set aside money for entertainment (online casino, Netflix, computer games, movies, etc), so you know you can enjoy your year with ease of mind.

STEP #5 – Establish a support system

We live in a high-paced world. We are all expected to take care of everything by ourselves; but the truth of the matter is that we are a social and tribal being. We depend on others from our cradle to our deathbeds. Write down the people you can count on and the areas where they can help you. Also write the names of people you can help in 2020. Life will be much easier to bear when we help each other.

STEP #6 – Create a new daily routine

The goals you wrote for 2020 will take time to be realized, but you can already start to see immediate effects in your life when you begin on a new routine. Small changes in your day can bring huge results in the long run. Set a new routine of drinking a veggie shake in the morning, meditating 10 mins a day, doing exercise or yoga for 30 minutes a day or learn to do conscious breathing exercises. Take as little or as much as you can, but make sure you repeat it every day until it becomes an effortless habit.

STEP #7 – Aim for good enough, not perfection

Most people get discouraged after a month or two when their New Year resolutions go astray. We are beings of habits and habits are hard to change. Don’t go for a perfect outcome; that would be too much pressure to bear. Instead do everything at the best of your ability. If you only accomplish 50% of your goals, that is great! At the end of 2020, you want to look back at the year and feel proud of what you accomplished, regardless if only one of five goals were realized. Learn to love yourself just as you are.

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