There are teams of dedicated ‘change forecasters’ that have listed the most popular trends to come in 2021. We went through the lists and gathered a few interesting areas, where innovation, passion for sustainability and plain genius, will likely produce new popular trends.

#1) Chickenless Eggs

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Soon, it will just be eggs and no more chickens! That’s the new plant-based substitute for eggs that looks and tastes like eggs. It’s made from ingredients like mung beans, soya and chickpeas

#2) Color of the year

It’s called A.I. Aqua and it is a tech-inspired color that is filtering into fashion, interior design and tech products

#3) Mushroom-based leather

Mycelium is what holds the biosphere together, a rich network of fibers made by mushrooms below the surface of the earth. Mycelium is being used to create leather, a sustainable alternative to the highly coveted material.

#4) Lab Liquors

Scientists are starting to discover ways to produce high-quality liquors like whiskey, wine or sake directly from the lab without relying on grains or fruits. They have reversed-engineered the molecular process that leads to a satisfying glass of bourbon!

#5) The Circular Runner

The sneaker brand Adidas has come up with the Ultraboost DNA Loop, a sneaker that can be recycled at the end of its life, in order to create a perfectly new shoe. This is a prime example of circular economy or, could we say, running in circles!

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