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Another wonderful year of luck is coming to an end. Every period of 365 days is marked by a rollercoaster ride of unexpected payouts, lucky streaks, and the occasional visit to a ‘tight’ slot machine. The element of surprise is what keeps us coming back to these exhilarating games that will present us with random payouts at unpredictable times.

When a year comes to an end, we can look back with the advantage of hindsight to tell our players which games were the most generous, as well as those that were played the most. These facts can help you find the right slot to play, as some slots can remain at a high pay-out rate for weeks on end.

The biggest revelation comes from looking at the games that have the highest pay-out rate, also known as the return-to-player rate. Games that have close to or above 100% pay-out rates are those that have the lowest or negative house-edge and have given the highest payout rewards to our players.

   Best Payout Rate

  1. .    Ocean Oddities              101.90% Return-to-Player (RTP)
  2.      Lucha Libre                    100.40% RTP
  3.      Panda's Gold                 100.90% RTP
  4.      Three Kingdom Wars     99.90% RTP
  5.      Ninja Star                       98.20% RTP
  6.      Lucha Libre 2                 98.00% RTP
  7.      T-Rex II                          97.70% RTP
  8.      Frog Fortunes                97.50% RTP
  9.      Bubble Bubble 3            97.40% RTP
  10.      Eagle Shadow Fist         96.80% RTP

Next, let’s look at the games that received the most number of spins:

Most Spins

  1.      Plentiful Treasure      26,993,605 Spins
  2.      Fortunate Buddha     26,202,134 Spins
  3.      Cash Bandits             17,036,786 Spins
  4.      Copy Cat Fortune     15,370,124 Spins
  5.      Sweet 16                   13,907,311 Spins
  6.      Lil Red                       13,382,451 Spins
  7.      Cleopatras Gold        12,601,041 Spins
  8.      Sweet 16 Blast!         12,345,039 Spins
  9.      Cash Bandits 2          12,082,910 Spins
  10.      Witch's Brew             11,472,533 Spins

Finally, here are the top 10 games with the most wagers received in 2022, revealing our most popular game selection of 2022:

Highest wagers

  1. Plentiful Treasure
  2. Fortunate Buddha
  3. Halloween Treasures  
  4. Sweet 16  
  5. Cash Bandits 3    
  6. Copy Cat Fortune  
  7. 777   
  8. Sparky 7       
  9. Khrysos Gold     
  10. Storm Lords                


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