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Speaking of not judging a book by its cover, the same applies with our slot 777 which appears to be a simple 3-reel slot at first, but it offers a unique opportunity to influence the outcome of the game. Under each reel you are able to hold any symbol that lands on a payline and keep that same symbol in place for as many spins you’d like.

The held symbols come with a higher trigger bet, so we recommend you try this feature only with the higher paying symbols:
Triple Bar and the 7 symbol.

Wild Symbol: The Cards and Coins symbol is wild and substitutes for all other symbols. One Wild on the pay-line will increase the pay-table prize by x3. Two Wilds in a winning combination will increase the prize by x9!

Hold Feature: After your initial spin you have the possibility to hold up to two reels with pay-table symbol(s) aligned on the pay-line. An extra bet is calculated based on the symbol you are holding. If you agree to the extra bet, you can trigger as many re-spins with the held symbol(s). This feature is compatible with Wild Symbols for extraordinary payouts to be consumed

Progressive Jackpots: Win it if you land three Wild symbols on the pay-line.  Remember that you can hold the Wild symbols with the Hold Feature, so all you have to do is land the third Wild symbol on a re-spin to win the progressive jackpot!

Deposit Get Extra Info
$25 75% Match +15 Spins
$50 100% Match +20 Spins
$100 125% Match +25 Spins
$150 150% Match +30 Spins
$200 175% Match +35 Spins
$300 225% Match +50 Spins

Redeem Code: PLAY777SMART
Spins Game: 777

Offer holds 30x rollover and can be redeemed 2x daily.

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