the life and adventures of mr sloto

The search for home

Mr. Sloto spent weeks in a rented workshop garage building a state-of-the-art sailboat, equipped with solar panels, an onboard greenhouse and wind-powered motor. When finished he blindfolded Mrs. Sloto and brought her to the garage. He opened the gate and viola, he removed the blinds and she saw a sparkling beauty of a boat!

Mrs. Sloto wondered out loud, “How will see move it to the sea?”

“Oh.” – was the only word coming out of Mr. Sloto’s mouth. “Well, I haven’t thought about that darling.” – Mr. Sloto confessed, feeling a little embarrassed.  

They decided to spend the night sleeping inside the boat, rather than the hotel. They were listening to the radio when suddenly the music was interrupted by a major news announcement:


Mr. and Mrs. Sloto were shocked, but also slightly relieved they were sitting inside a boat. They left the garage door open just in case the flooding did occur. Late at night they drifted to ‘stand-by’ mode (robot’s sleep).

When to ‘woke up’ they were taken aback when they notice they were floating on water. The whole city was flooded and they were sailing past the main national bank. People were scrambling at the top of buildings and floating planks of wood. It was a major catastrophe!

“I think we have to postpone our travels; these people need us!” – said Mr. Sloto. Mrs. Sloto was in agreement. They sat down to work out an emergency rescue plan for the whole city…

This is an interactive series. Players get to vote on that next chapter of the story!

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