Was this legendary place actually real?

Myths abound in the ancient world, but none have been so widely discussed as Atlantis. The tale of Atlantis was immortalized by Plato, the famous ancient Greek philosopher, who tells of an island supposedly located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which had an incredibly advanced civilization. Plato wrote about a legend where the ancient Greeks fought a war against this powerful society, barely managing to repel the Atlanteans’ attack. In the end, Atlantis sunk into the sea through an act of the gods, who were angered by the greed of the Atlanteans.

Is there any truth to this story? Some people do think Plato was reporting actual fact, rather than just an allegory or legend. Author Graham Hancock has speculated freely on the origins of human history and has recently released a new documentary on Netflix, Ancient Apocalypse, which argues that Atlantis might have been real. According to the argument in the documentary, there is some evidence that a giant comet crashed into the Earth some 10,000 years ago. The impact triggered mass flooding around the world, supporting the myth of the Flood, which has been reported by various ancient cultures.

According to Hancock, the floods from such an extraterrestrial impact would have elevated sea levels, causing wide areas of the world to be submerged. Atlantis sinking into the sea would have been a result.

Another author, David Edward, claims that he has pieced together the final clues to the location of the city of Atlantis. Based on Jimmy Corsetti's argument that Atlantis was in the eye of the Sahara, where a round geological formation recently found through satellite imagery could signal the location of the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis.

Perhaps one day we will uncover irrefutable evidence that Atlantis was indeed a real city, potentially one of the founding civilizations of the Earth. Delve into this realm of fact and fiction when you play our latest slot machine, inspired by the legend of Atlantis

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