What could be more glamourous than a Las Vegas classic slot machine game?

Spinning your way through June with a 100% Weekly Bonus + 75 Free Spins on top! You might not be able to make it to Sin City just yet, but you can bring Sin City directly to you!

Spin the reels of the classic and stylish 777 slot. A game that takes you back in time and nostalgia will set in right away. You don’t have to dream of Las Vegas anymore, as you’ll trigger Free Spins and high wins in no time! The impressive features of the new 777 include:

Wild Symbol: The Cards and Coins symbol is wild and substitutes for all other symbols. One Wild on the pay-line will increase the pay-table prize by x3. Two Wilds in a winning combination will increase the prize by x9!

Hold Feature: After your initial spin you have the possibility to hold up to two reels with pay-table symbol(s) aligned on the pay-line. An extra bet is calculated based on the symbol you are holding. If you agree to the extra bet, you can trigger as many re-spins with the held symbol(s). This feature is compatible with Wild Symbols for extraordinary payouts to be consumed

Progressive Jackpot: Win it if you land three Wild symbols on the pay-line. Remember that you can hold the Wild symbols with the Hold Feature, so all you have to do is land the third Wild symbol on a re-spin to win the progressive jackpot!

Welcome June with a classic styled game that transports you to a nostalgic place in time – but with

A 100% Weekly Bonus + 75 Free Spins!
Spins Game: 777


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