Entire civilizations have relied on their ability to survive and stand victorious over their neighboring rivals, achieving things unimaginable by today’s standards. Empires and dynasties ruled immense chunks of land on different parts of the world, each with their own heroes, customs and beliefs. And yes, surviving pandemics and the toughest of wars. Three of the most remarkable and powerful civilizations are:

  • Roman Empire: Roman legions going to battle used different types of formations to ensure survival in battle, including the iconic testudo or tortoise formation - aligning their shields to cover the top and the front of soldiers. Experience the power and wealth of the Romans by playing the Caesar’s Empire Slot

  • Ming Dynasty: Powerful rulers like the Hongwu Emperor made use of the fighting styles of the Ming, which included wielding large spears and pikes to counter swords and polearms from enemies. Gamnes like Wu Zetian Slot will take players back in time and immerse them into the riches and culture of Ancient China.

  • Vikings: Vikings used their physical power as well as axes to fight their way through battles and were light enough to be used as a throwable weapon. Join the Norse gods in the exciting Asgard Slot and learn about their powers that inspired Vikings to survive even the harshest situations!

    Have you ever wondered if those dynasties of the past would be able to survive against the mythical and epic warriors we see in the movies today?

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Great civilizations

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