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Sloto'Cash Free Chip

Sloto'Cash $100 Free Bonus

It has finally happened: Mr. Sloto has been hit by Cupid’s arrow! And since our guy is now madly in love, he wants you to fall in love with February wins too!

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150% February’s 1st Bonus

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Sloto'Cash $100 Free Bonus

wlife and adventures

Chapter 6: The Ancient Volcano

As featured on Sloto Magazine
Co-written by Sloto’Cash player Geer Art 

Mr. Sloto opened his eyes, he had blacked out. A strange noise came from outside. Sounded like a very large vacuum cleaner sucking in all space... he looked out the time machine’s window and was in shock! They landed in front of a black hole. It was slowly sucking them in and opposite the black hole was an asteroid field. They were in a bind.

Victor what shall we do!? VICTOR! – cried Mr. Sloto. Victor slowly woke up and immediately understood they were in danger once again.
Victor spoke: we have one of two options. Go into the black hole or fly through the asteroid field. I say we go towards the asteroids and try to maneuver out. Mr. Sloto disagreed; he wanted to go into the black hole.

Mr. Sloto reached into his coin slot and took out Triton's coin. Let's flip a coin, he said. Head is black hole, tail is asteroids.
He flipped the coin but it did not land on the floor. It got sucked out of the time machine through a small crack and into the black hole... Oh no! – both Mr. Sloto and Victor yelled!

A very dark and powerful voice spoke out of the black hole. Whose coin is this!?

It's Tritons coin, messenger of the sea! Mr. Sloto answered.

For this coin I grant you two wishes, the voice replied.

Mr. Sloto asked to go through the black hole without being harmed! Victor then said that they wanted to reappear somewhere close to civilization.

The voice consented and they were pulled through a vortex of light and magic.

When the time machine stopped moving, they looked outside and there were lush palm trees with ripe coconuts, cacao bean trees and at the distance they saw what appeared to be gigantic pyramids with symbols of jaguars, serpents and plumed eagles ….

Where have they landed? Will the next adventure inspire Victor and Mr. Sloto for a new slot machine theme?

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