The legend of Merlin

The figure of Merlin goes back 800 years, when he was first mentioned by a cleric from Wales in the 12th century. This legendary wizard was born from the composition of various folkloric figures. The name of Merlin, for instance, was originally Merlinus Ambrosius, which comes from the combined name of two earlier tales of Myrddin and Ambrosius.

Merlin is today best known for his role in the legend of King Arthur. His magical powers were equal to none, with legends telling of his ability to predict the future and shift shape. Early accounts of King Arthur claim that Merlin engineered the birth of Arthur through magical processes.

The lovable and wise Merlin that we’ve come to know through films like ‘The Sword in the Stone’ is often portrayed as an advisor to the young King Arthur. Through clever wizardry, Merlin clears the path so the prophecy of King Arthur can come to fruition.

Through the wise counseling of Merlin, King Arthur decided to establish the knightly fellowship of the Round Table, an enduring symbol of chivalry in the latter years of the European Middle Ages.

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 Alien Wins

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Bursting Wilds: After any normal spin or Re-spin, 1 to 3 Wild symbols will randomly land on reels 2, 3 or 4!

Cosmic Spins: Play with one or two guaranteed wilds on EVERY spin! Activate this feature and you are guaranteed to get your extra expanded wilds on every spin for an enhanced bet.

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 Alien Invasion

The world had its eyes set in the skies above the US this past February. Within the span of a few days, the US military shot down 4 objects over North America. The first one was identified: it was a spy balloon coming from China. The other three were unidentified flying objects, or UFOs

In the weekend of February 10th, the US Air Force shot down three unidentified objects flying above Alaska, Michigan, and the Canadian airspace. What were these objects? Initial reports claimed these to be metallic objects with cylinder form. While the White House has played down the possibility that these are objects from an alien civilization, their answers still remain vague and the possibility is still open. 

The United States government has now admitted to a special organization within the Secretary of Deference whose job is to investigate unidentified flying objects. It is called the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) and has been actively investigating anomalous objects filmed by the US military. The Pentagon has confirmed there are over 400 UFO encounters it is currently investigating.

One of the most interesting sightings comes from 2019 where pyramid-shaped objects are hovering above the USS Russell military ship. The Pentagon now has released official footage and pictures of these unexplained phenomena, which you can easily find online.

While an official explanation is still hotly disputed, the possibility still remains. Are we about to be visited by a strange race of extraterrestrials? Are they friendly or come with hostile objectives?

What would you do when you first hear the words: Aliens have landed on Earth?

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