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Restaurants are closed, movie theatres are shuttered, beaches are quiet and, for now, people are being advised to stay at home as much as possible. If you’re sheltering at home, what can you do after you’ve become fed up with streaming videos and board games with the kids?

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Some SlotoCash online casino gamers believe that cryptocurrency is the best financial system for placing bets and withdrawing winnings. Others think that it’s a scam, promotes criminal activity and will leave users high and dry when they finally discover that there’s nothing “real” behind the images on the computer screen. 

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Some casino games rely on pure luck. Slots for example, the most popular type of casino game, involves no skill or decision-making whatsoever.  Everything is based on what the Random Number Generator gives you. Whether or not the spin results in a matching combination, that’s a random occurrence and there’s nothing that you can do to change it.

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