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bright colored gem stones on a white background

The fascination with precious stones extends through every era of history and encompasses every society on earth. Archaeologists have found caches of gems in archaeological sites that date back to pre-historic times. The Greeks considered some gems to be the “tears of the gods” while the Romans regarded them as splinters of falling stars that needed to be closely guarded. Pearls have been used as currency in various lands and worldwide, people in different cultures offered gems and precious stones to loved ones in order to cultivate affection and love.

three dolphins jumping over the waves in the beautiful blue ocean

Rest and relaxation is a must in everyone’s life. Giving yourself a break from day-to-day responsibilities and obligations allows you to recharge your batteries and prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally to meet the challenges ahead. Our brains are hard-wired to guide us through higher and lower periods of productivity, and the high periods of productivity are enhanced by the way that we treat ourselves during our periods of low productivity.

smiling Halloween jack-o-lantern.

Over the years, Halloween has become a celebration of eerie phenomena and unexplained events. People dress up in costume, spook their friends and neighbors and try to create an atmosphere of ghostly fright. Some people enjoy being frightened and surprised while others avoid stories of the unknown.

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