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Witchy Witch slot machine - try it out at Slotocash Casino

Witchy Wins Online Slot

Witches have played a prominent role in many societies for thousands of years. From the Biblical Book of Samuel in the Old Testament to talks by witches on today’s podcasts and appearances in popular movies and TV shows, witches have been objects of fascination in almost every society on earth.

Now the Sloto Cash Casino invites you to explore the wonderful world of witches with the Witchy Wins online slot, available for free or real money gaming entertainment at the SlotoCash online casino.


Throughout history, witches have generally been portrayed as evil but in modern times there’s been more of a focus on depicting witches as benevolent, charming and charismatic beings who want to do good. In ancient times witches were believed to be both men and women who used magic spells to bring about a desired result. Christianity portrayed witches as women pagans who did the devil’s work. One of the earliest representations of a witch was in the Bible when King Saul asked the Witch of Endor to revive the spirit of the dead prophet Samuel to help him defeat the Philistine. Other Biblical passages caution against using witches to contact the dead.

In Europe of the middle ages anyone who behaved “differently” could be charged with being a witch and put to death. Most of those executed were women. Books were published detailing how to identify, find and interrogate a witch.

Today’s witches generally practice Wicca as their religion whose motto is “harm none.” They say that they simply want to live a life of peace, tolerance and balance with nature. They perform witchcraft whose incantations and spells are derived from the Book of Shadows, a collection of witchcraft and wisdom whose herbal remedies and prayer-like supplications harm no one.


The image of witches riding around on broomsticks is so enduring that it was a major feature of the Harry Potter series of books and movies, notably when the young witches played their game of Quidditch as they rode on their brooms. Witches came to be associated with brooms during the Middle Ages when illustrations were published in Le Champion des Dames (The Defender of Ladies) by French poet Martin Le Franc. The illustrations show drawings of women, wearing head scarves that identify them as Waldensians (members of a Christian sect that allowed women to become priests), flying on brooms.


Today’s media generally takes a benevolent view of witches. In addition to the popular Harry Potter series that followed the exploits of a group of witch students at the Hogwarts School of Magic, witches have been featured in the long-running Charmed drama that followed a trio of good witch sisters who called upon their combined "Power of Three" to battle warlocks and demons in an attempt to protect innocent mortals.

Another popular TV series involved Sabrina, The Teenaged Witch. Sabrina, atypical” teen, finds out at age 16 that she has magical powers and must learn how to harness her abilities from her lovable aunts Zelda and Hilda. These TV shows owe much of their inspiration to the ‘60s Bewitched which followed the story of suburban housewife Samantha who tried to keep her zany family of witches and warlocks under some kind of control while appeasing mortal husband Darrin and keeping the truth about her witchy powers from prying neighbors.

The popularity of witches has inspired another multi-media feature – the Witchy Wins online slot machine, now available for both free and real money slots action at the Slotocash online casino.

Witchy Wins Slot

Witchy Wins online slot brings a group of good-natured witches to the gaming screen where they line up on matching reels to complete combinations and win prizes for their fans. The three witches team up for gaming sessions of fun-filled mayhem and havoc on this five-reel, 243 Ways to Win machine. As you spin the reels you form winning combinations of the three witchy ladies themselves along with traditional slots letter and number symbols.

As a 243 Ways to Win game, gamers don’t need to enable each individual payline. Any combination of matching symbols, regardless of the locations in which they appear on the reels, will result in a win. If you’re playing for real money you bet on the spin as opposed to betting on individual lines. According to the match, that means that you have 243 chances to achieve a win on each and every spin.

There are two wilds, the Wild Cauldron and a Wild Golden Cauldron. Each of these Wilds substitutes for any other symbol which completes combinations and triggers payouts. The Wild cauldron can morph into a multiplying wild randomly, becoming the Wild Golden Cauldron. It then multiplies the win by two, three or four when it appears as part of a winning combination. You can achieve more than one multiplying wild cauldron in a winning combination. When that happens, multiplying values are added which then determine the wild multiplying value.

There’s a Random Wild Reels Feature that triggers whenever three or more scatter symbols appear during a regular game spin. If you spin three scatters you are awarded 8 free spins. Appearance of 4 scatters results in an award of 15 free spins. Five scatter symbols, appearing in any configuration on the reels, gifts you with 50 free spins. Free spins can retrigger if you achieve three or more scatter symbols on a free spin.

Wilds appear during the free spins which then create more winning combinations.

Witchy Wins is now available for PC or mobile gaming online. The magic is waiting to pay out real money wins with Slotocash’s Witchy Wins online slot.

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