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Celebrate Adopt a Cat month with some cat-themed slot fun

A Cat Conundrum with Adopt a Cat Month and Purrfect Pets at Sloto Cash Casino Lobby

Every June we celebrate Adopt a Cat month when we focus on giving homes to as many of our feline friends as possible. The American Humane society declared National Adopt a Cat Month 45 years ago to encourage the public to adopt homeless cats from the shelter. Cats are, by nature, loving and sociable creatures yet they demand little attention.

Take the chance this June to explore tabby tomfoolery and feline fun. Read about Adopt a Cat Month, check out some of our true-life stories about notable mousers and sign into the SlotoCash Casino to enjoy some Purrfect Pets slots entertainment, featured at the Sloto Cash casino lobby.

Adopt a Cat Month

June is the most prolific month for cats to give birth. Every June thousands of kittens are born and are then surrendered to shelters because homes can’t be found for them. Forty-five years ago the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals named June as the Adopt a Cat month in order to encourage the public to reach out and give a cat a home.

Cats are loving creatures. They are easy to keep as pets, loving and offer great companionship. They’re quiet,  require little maintenance, are easy to house-train, can live either indoors full-time or go out for periods of time and then come home, are independent, require a minimum of expenditures, live a long time, have been proven to be good for the health of their owners (lowering blood pressure and firming heart rate),  keep unwanted pests (snakes, mice, etc) out of your house and help keep kids from developing allergies.

Smart Cats

Cats also have their individual characteristics and are exceptionally intelligent. There are numerous true cat stories that prove that cats might not be smarter than humans but they do come close. Some stories about amazingly smart cats:

  • Tara leapt into action when one of her “people”, four-year-old Jeremy, was attacked by a neighbor’s dog. Jeremy was riding his bike when the dog grabbed Jeremy off his bike and bit him violently. The dog dragged the boy and was preparing to do more damage when Tara charged the dog, body-slammed him and chased him off. Then, she ran back to her boy to check on him. Tara was awarded the “Hero Dog” awards as well as a Special Award for Cat Achievement.

  • Masha’s incessant meowing brought Obninsk locals to an abandoned cardboard box that had been left on the street. When the humans checked the box they found a baby boy that Masha had been snuggling to keep warm.

  • New York firemen were astounded to see a cat carrying her tiny kittens away from a fire. The cat, later named Scarlett, was severely burned in the process but she made sure that all three of her kittens were safe before she would allow anyone to tend to her wounds. A number of children’s books have been written about this brave cat.

  • Smudge made it clear to a group of bullies who were harassing “her” boy that she wouldn’t put up with such behavior. When the bullies pushed Ethan to the ground Smudge raced up to stand up to the boys, hissing and scratching. When Ethan’s mother ran to the site she found one of the boys laying on his back, crying, while Smudge sat victoriously on his stomach.

  • Homer was a rescue cat whose eyes had to be removed after they became infected. Homer went to live with Gwen and became an easy-going, good-natured Tom-cat. Homer was anything but easy-going when a burglar broke into Gwen’s apartment  -- he jumped on the intruder and bit and scratched him so viciously that the robber fled.

  • There have been some stories about dogs who can sniff out various disease but so far, only one cat. Tom the cat started behaving strangely after having lived with Sue for 2 years. He began to tap on the back of her neck repeatedly while meowing.

    After a period of time, Sue decided to have a doctor check the area. The medical exam determined that Sue had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which was characterized by a cancerous lump under her skin. Once Sue started treatment, Tom went back to being a lazy tom. The early diagnosis helped Sue beat the cancer.

  • When Trevel the Labrador Retriever developed cataracts he began to stay in his doggy bed, scared to move too far for fear of bumping into things and banging his head. A stray cat who came to live with the family, Pwditat, became Trevel’s guide cat, guiding him around the house and, when needed, outside. When Pwditat wasn’t guiding Trevel he could often be found snuggling with the pup.

  • Wimsy and Pudding came to live with Amy and her son Ethan by chance – after a day spent playing with the animals at the local shelter, Ethan begged his mother to adopt the two tabbies. The first night at home, Amy experienced a diabetic seizure.

    Pudding tried to wake her up by nibbling on her nose but she couldn’t alert her son Ethan who was deep in slumber. Pudding then ran to Ethan and swatted at him until he woke up and got his mother the necessary medical attention.

Purrfect Pets Online Slot

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Celebrate Adopt a Cat Month with a new kitty and some Purrfect Pets kitty-themed slots fun and excitement.

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