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Life hacks for for our SlotoCash friends

Most Effective and Efficient Life Hacks for Online Slots Real Money Players

Along with cell phones, self-driving cars and online casinos, the term “life hack” has become recognized as a fact of life of the 21st century. A life hack is a technique or strategy adopted by an individual so that s/he can manage his/her daily activities and time in a more efficient and effective manner. Life hacks can refer to any event or occurrence in which a skill, shortcut, novelty method or trick increases efficiency and productivity.

SlotoCash casino invites online slots real money patrons to consider some of the more innovative and effective life hacks that have been shared this year on social media. Some relate specifically to certain professions or needs but others are helpful to all.

Life Hacks for Gaming Enthusiasts

If you’re a computer game enthusiast, you want to find games that suit your individual interests, play to the best of your ability, win and have fun. But that’s not always simple. Playing online casino and video games can be frustrating if you don’t take some basic steps to reduce stress and play in a way that suits your playing style.

Gaming consultants have a number of gaming hacks that will make your gaming sessions more enjoyable and more rewarding. For one thing, if you’re a mobile casino player, you can exert better control over the device by building a wooden or cardboard racing wheel to hold your phone so you can swipe and click more precisely and in a more immersive manner.  It's quick, easy and cheap. Follow YouTube tutorials to build your holder in minutes.

Also, don’t neglect your posture. Sitting still for long periods of time can strain your back and neck muscles. Remember not to slouch or curve your spine – sit up straight, tuck in your chin and relax your shoulders. You may not feel the effects immediately but if you don’t take these steps, you’ll suffer for it in the long run.

Life Hacks for Parenting

If you go to a parenting website you’ll find questions about every possible aspect of raising children. Every age, every stage of development, every type of behavior and every minute of the day brings questions by parents who are trying to make the best decisions possible about how they should raise their children.

There are very few stock answers that fit every situation and every family.  But there are some parenting hacks that can be used by almost every parent. They include:

  • Get an inexpensive shower cap for babies to shield the child’s face during bathtime so when shampooing, the shampoo doesn’t roll down into the baby’s eyes.
  • Keep the toilet seat warm in the winter with socks or a toilet seat cover (especially when a child is being toilet trained).
  • Attach a skateboard to a stroller for a fun stroller walk.
  • Add medicine to a soda can and offer the child some soda to get him/her to take medicine.
  • Keep a preschooler busy by setting him/her in a big box with a box of crayons.
  • Stack toilet paper rolls in a box to make a “garage” for toy cars.
  • Put a mattress on the floor next to your bed so that when the child needs to be near you at night, s/he can just come into your room and plop down in “his”/”her” spot without waking you up.

House Repair Hacks

Some people have a natural knack for repairing things but most don’t.  However, you don’t always have to call in a repairperson every time something in your house goes out of whack.  Learn some of the basic home repair hacks and save yourself time, money and aggravation.

Some of the most basic hacks for repairing your home include:

  • Fill up holes in a plaster or sheetrock wall with chalk.
  • Put a plastic, throwaway glove on your hand while painting and then flip the glove over the paintbrush to keep it moist when you want to take a break.
  • Place a folded post-it note under a hole that you’re making with a screw gun to catch the powder that falls out of the wall.
  • Cover a doorknob with aluminum foil or a plastic throw away glove to keep the knob clean while you paint the door.
  • Lay down a sheet of aluminum foil in a paint tray before pouring in the paint to keep the tray clean for the next color paint.
  • If a wrench is too wide for a nut that you want to unscrew, slip a few coins in between the inside of the wrench and the nut to close up the gap.
  • Flatten a paper clip end by banging on it with a hammer to create a tiny screwdriver.

Life Hacks for the Kitchen

Everyone spends some time in the kitchen. Regardless of how comfortable you are around a stove you can make your life easier and make food preparation more efficient with some well-known chefs’ simple kitchen life hacks.

  • Keep your avocado from browning by putting a thin layer of water on top of it before you put it in a storage container
  • Make your pancakes fun and exciting by putting your pancake batter in a squeeze bottle and then squeezing the batter into the pan in a pattern. You can also use cookie cutters to make pancakes in various shapes – put the cookie cutter in the pan and then squeeze the batter into the cookie cutter
  • Grab little bits of eggshells that fall into the dish by wetting your hand before you pull them out with your fingers. The eggshells will adhere to your wet fingers
  • Peel as much garlic as you want in seconds by putting your garlic into a jar, closing the jar and shaking the jar hard.  When you open the container back up, you’ll see the skins separated from the garlic cloves.
  • Make peeling a hard boiled egg easy by rolling the egg on the counter to crack the shell. When you see a lot of little cracks, submerge the egg in cold water. The shell will come right off.


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