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As people around the world continue to self-isolate, many are investigating different activities that allow them to pass the time in an engaging and entertaining manner. If you’re fed up with watching Netflix, doing jigsaw puzzles, reading and finding small talk topics for family chats,  you may want to try something new.

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Production of new video and online slots real money digital games has slowed but sales of the games, and visits to the online casino, are spiking as gaming enthusiasts worldwide hunker down to wait out the coronavirus self-isolation. Industry analysts are optimistic that those in the business can weather the storm since video games fit the new reality perfectly.

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Restaurants are closed, movie theatres are shuttered, beaches are quiet and, for now, people are being advised to stay at home as much as possible. If you’re sheltering at home, what can you do after you’ve become fed up with streaming videos and board games with the kids?

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