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vampires visit the SlotoCash online casino

Vampires and Slots Available at the Sloto Cash Casino Lobby

You can combine spooky stories about vampire skullduggery with online gaming fun when you play the interactive and entertaining Count Spectacular slot machine in the Sloto Cash casino lobby.




Vampire History

Myths about vampire have existed for centuries. Tales of blood-drinking demons date back to the Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian empires. The Greeks and Romans adopted and enhanced those legends with the stories continuing to focus on creatures who dined on the blood of their victims. Sometimes these witches and demons were described as looking like humans while at other times, they were thought to look like animals or birds.

There are many different characteristics of vampires but they are all said to drink human blood with sharp fangs. Once they kill their victims the victims become vampires themselves. Vampires are said to hunt at night because their powers are weakened by sunlight. Some morph into a wolf or a bat. They have a hypnotic effect on their victims. You know someone is a vampire because his/her image doesn’t display in a mirror and they can’t cast a shadow.

People in medieval times were obsessed with the idea that these undead creatures roamed the earth, preying on mortals. They weren’t called vampires then, rather “draugrs” and “revenants.” By the late 1600s there were many stories circulating about such creatures, mostly in Eastern Europe.

The tales moved to England and Germany where they were enhanced and embellished. Vampire-sightings proliferated in the 18th century  where even government officials engaged in hunting and staking reputed vampires.  During the 1700s, belief in vampires increased, causing episodes of mass hysteria in East Prussia, Serbia and Germany when people who had died were believed to have returned from the grave to attack family, friends and neighbors. In many village communities locals dug up bodies and drove stakes through the corpses, decapitated them or burned them.

The most famous vampire of all times was Count Dracula whose story was immortalized in the 1897 Bram Stoker book of the same name. Count Dracula is a centuries-old Transylvanian nobleman, sorcerer and  vampire who rules over the Castle Dracula with the goal of expanding his realm into England.

Another famous vampire story is the tale of Mercy Brown who lived in Exeter, Rhode Island in the late 1800s. Mercy died of tuberculosis together with other family members and the townspeople blamed Mercy after her body was exhumed showing no signs of decay.

Even today there are people who call themselves vampires. They say that they drink small amounts of blood to stay healthy and create communities in cities and towns around the world as well as on the Internet. They drink the blood of willing donors and say that if they don’t “feed” on a regular basis they become depressed or agitated.

Count Spectacular Slot

Regardless of whether you’re fascinated by the subject of vampires or just curious, you’ll enjoy the Count Spectacular online video slot, one of RTG’s most interactive and engaging slot machines. The gothic graphics set the scene for the five-reel, 25 payline adventure to come with expanding wilds, two progressive jackpot prizes, scatter symbols, free spins and more.

The Count is waiting to deliver wins which you achieve whenever you line up any of the game symbols. Everything vampire-related is on this slot machine – mirrors, lanterns, wolves, caskets, stage coachs, ladies, goblins, garlic, secret potions, bats and more.
You can bet in a way that suits your betting strategy and your pocketbook. Bets start at 0.01 per line and you can bet across all the paylines for just 0.25 per spin. If you’re a high roller you can bet up to $5.00 per line with a max bet on all 25 paylines coming out to be $125.00 for a max bet spin bet. You can also bet anywhere in between or bet on fewer paylines on every spin.

Count Spectacular is the game wild. The Count symbol substitutes for all other symbols, including the scatter Castle symbols, to complete winning combinations. The Count can expands so he covers all positions on any reel on which he lands. That creates more wins and more payouts. If you achieve five wilds on a payline on which you bet you’ll take the top payout of 10,000 coins.

Multiple Castle scatter symbols payout scatter combination payouts that total from 2x to 200x your total bet.

There are two random jackpots in this game, the Major progressive jackpot and the Minor progressive jackpot. Both can be triggered randomly at the end of any spin to trigger surprise jackpot payouts.

Count Spectacular has a free spins round that activates whenever the expanding wilds appear on both the first and the fifth reel simultaneously. When the free spins round activates you have your choice of 12 free spins with a 3x multiplier added to all wins or 4 re-spins in which locked wilds appear on the first and fifth reels.

The Count Spectacular slot machine brings you on a journey of fiendish slots delight with multipliers, scatters, expanding wilds and two valuable progressive jackpot prizes.




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