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Enjoy Spring Surprises with SlotoCash Online Casino Spring Wilds Online Slots!

Spring has always signaled a season of renewal. Around the world, many people celebrate Easter as a religious observance that combines worship with fertility, restoration and spring fever. SlotoCash online casino invites you to get into the mood of Easter festivities and spring festivities with some Spring Wilds slots for a fun-filled springtime merriment.

Ancient Spring

Ever since humans first began to recognize the yearly cycle of seasons, spring has been celebrated as the end of the long, cold, dark winter and the arrival of the season in which the temperatures warm and signs new foliage, new births, the return to life of dormant species and a general atmosphere of freshness is in the air. Many major religions connect their major holidays to the season of spring. In Judaism, the seminal holiday of Passover, when Jews celebrate the Exodus from Egypt, is also called “Holiday of Spring” and is mandated to be celebrated in the spring.

For Christians, the most important holiday of the Christian calendar, Easter, is also set to be celebrated in the spring to coincide with the date on which, Christianity teaches, Jesus was resurrected. Christians combined the pagan festivities of spring with their celebration of Jesus’s rising to create a celebration that is, at once, somber and joyful.

Many of the non-Christian customs originated among pagans who worshipped their gods and goddesses at this time to thank them for allowing them to pass the dangers of the winter.

The name “Easter” is believed to originate with the name of a pagan goddess, Eostre, who was worshipped in Britain at the beginning of each spring. Venerable Bede, a monk who lived in the 7th-8th century, wrote that the before Britain became Christian, Eostre was worshipped during the holiday of “Eosturmonath.” Even after the Christian meaning of the celebration was superimposed on the early pagan fete, the name remained and spread to other parts of the new Christian world.

Christians wanted to link Easter to Passover in order to put focus on Jesus’s death and also emphasize the connection between the Christian New Testament and the Jewish Old Testament. At the same time, many early Christian leaders wanted to have Easter fall out on Sunday. In 325 CE, at the Council of Nicea, it was resolved that Easter would be celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon of the vernal equinox. Yet even with the new Christian focus, the original vision of the spring holiday as a time to celebrate renewal and rebirth dominated.

Customs that evolved for Easter celebration included those of the Easter bunny and Easter Eggs. The concept of the Easter bunny seems to have come about sometime in the 1500s in Germany when the idea of a symbol of fertility (a rabbit) was connected to the expression of the spring celebration.

In the early days, an egg-laying hare called “Oschter Haws” or Osterhase” would appear on Easter and children would make nests in which the hare could lay colored eggs – eggs being another symbol of fertility and rebirth.

You can celebrate Easter, spring, rejuvenation and revival in many ways. You can head out on an egg hunt, color and decorate eggs or even adopt a bunny. Best of all, you can open up your online casino, Slotocash, and sign into your account on your PC or mobile device to play the brand new Spring Wilds Easter-themed online slot for free in the Free Mode or for real money in the Real Mode.

Spring Wilds Online Slot

Spring Wilds is one of the first Realtime Gaming releases of 2021. The game features a traditional five-reel 25 payline slot machine that’s packed with excitement and opportunity. Spring Wilds is a light-hearted slot machine with an engaging Easter theme that will help you prepare for real life Easter celebrations.

There’s nothing suspenseful or fast-moving about Spring Wilds. It’s a basic slot with cute animations and simple graphics. Yet the machine delivers a nice array of features that make it a worthwhile gaming adventure for players at any degree of slots experience and betting level.

In terms of paylines, this is a classic game. You activate the number of paylines that you want to trigger by placing a bet on those lines. You can bet on as few or as many lines as you want, but it’s important to remember that only those lines on which you’ve placed a wager will pay out for a win.

So, for example, if you want to bet 2 coins on lines 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc and you achieve a winning combination on payline #2, you will have the satisfaction of having made the match – but you won’t win any money.

Slots advisors suggest that, if you are on a budget, that you lower your bet (say 1 coins) but bet on all the lines so, regardless of where the win appears, you’ll collect the payout. Max win per line can reach up to 50,000 times the wager and payouts go up even further when you trigger any of the bonus features.

All of the symbols are Easter-themed including the bunnies and the various colored eggs. The Easter Egg is the Wild symbol which can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning payline. There’s a game logo bonus symbol that indicates bonus game elements and a scatter Basket with Golden Eggs that pays out a special scatter combination payout and triggers the free spin round.

If you land 3 scatter symbols you’ll get 10 free spins. For 4 scatter symbols you’ll be awarded 15 free spins. Five scatters, appearing anywhere on the reels, wins you 20 free spins. The free spins retrigger whenever 3 or more scatter symbols appear on a free spin.

If you achieve six or more bonus game logo symbols on a spin you’ll activate the Lucky Streak Re-Spin Bonus round.

Spring Wilds is available at the online casino at any time of the year but if you want to get into the Easter mood, give the Spring Wilds reels a whirl for some fun Easter-themed celebratory fun and excitement.

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