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Many people, including many critics, roll their eyes when they hear about the release of a film sequel. The assumption is that creativity went out the door as the studio opted for a fairly sure bet on a moneymaker.

dog wearing a super hero costume for the Slotocash salute to hero dogs

Slotocash online casino wants to pay tribute to the hero dogs among us. Some of the animals featured in SlotoCash casino’s slots lobby have different types of reputations. The Builder Beaver slot honors a diligent and hardworking creature while the lion in Lion’s Lair slot machine puts the King of the Jungle on display for all to see. 

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One of the most anxiously-awaited years in the Chinese astrological cycle is the Year of the Dog. Each Year of the Dog is associated with a different earth symbol so throughout the past 50 years people born during a Dog year have been designated a Fire Dog, an Earth Dog, a Gold Dog, a Water Dog or a Wood Dog.  The Chinese believe that the year in which you were born, together with the earth symbol associated with that part of the cycle, helps to determine your personality, your abilities and your future.

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