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Greek mythology-themed slot

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Thousands of years before the women’s liberation movement started to spread its message, many cultures revered women military leaders alongside male soldiers. Celebrate these forward-thinking ancients with the Princess Warrior online slot, now available for real money gaming entertainment at SlotoCash - THE online casino real money casino.

Women Warriors

Women warriors are sometimes mythical and sometimes historical but regardless of the certainty of their deeds, they are admired and revered in their cultures. Some cultures attribute extra-ordinary deeds to these women while others take it for granted that women could hold their own in fights alongside men.

Some of the most intriguing women warriors throughout history include:


Opinions vary as to whether Gudit was an actually historical character or was created out of the imagination of her community. Gudit was said to have been a queen who led her soldiers in war against the Aksum nation in the 10th century and focused her efforts on destroying Christian landmarks.  Stories about Gudit indicate that she ruled for 40 years and was responsible for the downfall of the Aksumite Empire and was the first ruler of the Zagwe Dynasty.

As a warrior Gudit was a skilled and competent. She conquered Aksum swiftly and efficiently with her horse-backed army. Her exploits remain an important part of the folklore of Southern Ethiopia/Eteria to this day.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc is a revered figure in France where her religious visions combined with her military skill in the fight against the hated British who were occupying France during the Hundred Years War. Joan claimed that she had visions of the Archangel Michael who urged her to offer her services to King Charles VII of France in the war against the English. Joan’s efforts helped end the Siege of Orleans in 9 days and by age 17 she was playing a key role in leading France’s army.

The English captured her and tried her for heresy and cross-dressing. She was convicted and burned alive at the stake but even in death, she was influential in helping the French, who adopted her battle strategies, fight their enemies. She was declared a saint by the Catholic Church.



Zenobia became the ruler of the Palmyrene Empire, located in the region that is now Syria, in 267 A.D. She led her forces against the advancing Roman army and expanded the boundaries of her own kingdom by invading Anatolia and Egypt. She led her army on horseback and also walked with her foot soldiers.

Zenobia captured a number of key trade routes but the Romans eventually captured her and brought her in chains to Rome where, according to some accounts, Emperor Aurelian granted her clemency and her freedom so that she could marry a Roman philosopher and live in a luxurious home.

Fu Hao

Fu Hao was one of 60 wives of Emperor Wu Ding who ruled as part of the Shang Dynasty in approximately 1200 BCE. She served as a military general in Fu Hao’s army and was considered a powerful military leader. She was also revered as a high priestess. Archaeological excavations of her grave uncovered many weapons which support the legend that she was a great warrior. According to legend, she controlled her own fiefdom close to her husband’s empire.


Olympias was the mother of Alexander the Great and came to Greece as a princess from Epirus. She married Philip II of Macedonia and raised Alexander to be a strong warrior. After Philip’s death she became a major player in the Wars of the Successors of Macedonia. She controlled Macedonia for a period until she was overthrown.


Cynane was a contemporary of Olympias. She was the daughter of Philip II and his first wife Audata which made her Alexander the Great’s half-sister. Her mother taught her to fight and she accompanied the Macedonian army  alongside her brother Alexander where she showed fearlessness and ruthlessness.

When Alexander died in 323 BCE marched into Asia towards Babylon in an attempt to place her daughter on the throne by force. She was killed en-route but her vision of having her daughter Adea installed on the throne was realized and Adea became Queen Adea Eurydice.

Princess Warrior Online Slot

Princess Warrior, a RealTime Gaming online slot, pays tribute to the amazing women warriors of ancient times. It’s a five-reel, 40 payline game that suits the needs of low-budget gamers and high rolling players alike.

In addition to the Princess Warrior herself the game symbols include a golden urn, a shield, a warrior’s helmet, two crossed swords and the Princess Warrior Logo. There are low payout symbols as well high payout symbols whose combinations bring lucrative prizes.

The game wild is the Athene icon. It forms only on the third reel but when it does emerge, it substitute for other symbols to form winning paylines. If the third reel on a base game spin is stacked with wilds you enter the Princess Warrior feature where you’ll find multipliers, extra bonuses and the Olympic Reward Prize

The scatter symbol is the game logo. Three scatter symbols emerging together on a regular game spin activates the Free Games Pick Bonus feature where you choose one of four options:

Random multiplier during every spin (2x, 3x, or 4x):

  • Random Wilds
  • Wild reel during every spin (1, 2, 4, or 5 )
  • Any of the above features during every spin

The game’s top payout is 96,000 times your bet which makes this a big payout game by any standard.


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