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Cashback  casino deals - get the best at SlotoCash Casino

You’ll find the best free online slots at online casino sites that offer the best cashback deals.

Luck is a big part of casino gaming but even the luckiest players won’t always win. That’s why savvy players check the cashback offer of an online casino before signing up. A casino that features a good cashback deal can give a gamer a much higher chance of walking away with a more lucrative prize package than might otherwise be awarded.

SlotCash casino invites you learn more about cashback deals and compare and contrast the options before you make your choice of online casino venues (hehehe - we're sure you'll chose SlotoCash!).


Cashback deals are a new type of incentive that many – but not all – online casinos offer to their valued players to enable them to play more games for more time. Players can choose to receive a cashback instead of taking advantage of other bonus offers and be assured that a percentage of any losses will be re-credited to their accounts for further gaming activity.

Each online casino has its own cashback offer and the amount of a cashback ranges from 5% to 25%. Sometimes players have the option of applying for a cashback on every bet that they make while at other online casinos players accumulate the funds against successful bets and losses. The more money a player spends, the more cashback funds they will be entitled to claim.


Many online casino gamblers see cashbacks as insurance policies that protect players against runs of bad luck.

It’s important to read the terms and conditions of  the cashback deals when you sign up for a casino account because there’s a big difference in cashback deals from one casino to the next. Many casinos require that the gamer deposit a minimum amount before they are eligible to apply for the cashback offer. Other casinos have no minimum deposit requirement. The game requirement also varies. At some casinos, specific games are often not included in the cashback bonus deals while at other casinos, all games can be counted towards cashback deals.

Reading the terms and conditions will also reveal if there the cashback comes as a credit to your account or as a rebate program.

It will also advise whether the cashback is an ongoing program at the casino or is being offered on a limited basis – if you’re considering accruing cashbacks, you should know this because the cashback money that you think that you have sitting in your account may be worthless by the time you’re ready to use it if your online casino’s cashback deal has run out!

How To

How do you maximize cashback deals? If you sign up for a cashback deal you can keep your bankroll from hitting rock bottom as you recover some of your losses. You can use the cashback bonus over and over and take advantage of a return value that is higher than many of the other bonuses that are offered by the casino.

By signing up for a cashback bonus you save some of your money so you can play more games because, unlike no deposit and deposit bonuses, the basic rules of the cashback bonus are generally easy to understand.

Simply put, the cashback deal means that you are credited with a percentage of what you lost on previous bets. There aren’t a lot of terms and conditions but in return for signing up you get a safety net that helps you refund some of the money that you may have lost on your bets. For VIP players, the cashback deals can be particularly helpful because, the more money that is deposited, the higher the cashback bonus becomes.


When you read the terms and conditions of the cashback bonus, check and see which TYPE of cashback you’re getting. Cashback deals include

  • Cashback on total bets – regardless of whether you win or lose you receive a cashback bonus on the total amount wagered over a specific period of time.
  • Cashback Welcome Bonus – given to new players on their first deposit where a percentage of the deposit is returned as a cashback bonus.
  • VIP Cashback bonus – an amount, based on what a VIP player has lost, is returned. VIP players often receive a higher percentage back than do other gamers.
  • Reload Bonus – cashbacks on deposits made based on the total percentage of the player’s deposit.


Finding the right cashback casino site involves doing a little research to compare and contrast some of the industry’s leading cashback casino sites.

One of the most straight-forward and user-friendly cashback sites is the SlotoCash Online Casino site where everything is spelled out clearly. It’s a basic cashback deal with no bells and whistles but no surprises either. When you sign up for a SlotoCash casino cashback you know that you’re receiving a straight, industry-leading cashback deal of 25% on any deposit made from Monday through Wednesday or 35% from Thursday through Sunday.

You can request your cashback on any loss up to 48 hours after the loss on any deposit of $10 or more.

There are no forms to fill in for the cashback – just chat with the casino’s help line and they’ll facilitate the cashback deal immediately.


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