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SlotoCash Casino is excited to bring you the latest in lifestyle news with some interesting information about naming ideas for this year's crop of new babies. 

woman made up and dressed like Cleopatra

The empress Cleopatra was the last ruling monarch of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. She was known for her beauty, wealth and love life. During her reign she captured the hearts of two of Rome’s most powerful men, first Julius Caesar and then Mark Anthony. Cleopatra is known for many things but she is most recognized for her ability to amass and grow her treasury’s vast store house of jewels and gold.

black drawing of an old-fashioned corset on a white background

If you think that there have been some strange fashion trends recently, consider some of the more unusual fashion vogues in years gone by. Some fashions are created because of social or cultural influences while others are simply…..weird. Throughout history, the instabilities of fashion trends sometimes seemed like a random game much like our online slots real money wins. Some focused on making person look more appealing but in other instances they were used to socially identify and control the individual wearing the clothes.  

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